7 March 2016


Realise Your Business’ Reach Potential with YouTube Advertising

At FDC Studio, we like to stay on top of emerging trends in digital marketing and help our clients to reach new heights and larger audiences by utilising trending and evolving technologies.

Recent studies have shown that many businesses are still yet to take advantage of the TV advertising alternative of the future - advertising on YouTube - despite trends in viewing content shifting from traditional television methods to online.

Despite just surpassing the 11th anniversary of its inception, advertising via on YouTube is still in the early stages and many advertisers are still yet to take advantage of YouTube’s services, with many still utilising traditional methods of advertising via television.

The new viewing generation are spending more of their leisure time watching online content such as videos on YouTube than watching television, a study conducted by Hunter Qualitative Research has found.

New technologies and internet growth have dictated that internet video content is the way forward and advertisers must strive to keep up with the evolution of digital video viewing and digital marketing strategies in order to stay afloat.

However, this new format for viewing also brings ideas and suggestions for change upon the way in which viewers want to be pitched. For example, users are more likely to take notice of an advert when there is an added incentive in place, such as the in-app virtual incentive of points for playing games when watching a short advert. It is a possibility that this innovative idea could be utilised within the video advertising world. When a user is being pitched online, an added incentive such as discounts or points towards services they are known to use could be the deciding factor in keeping an audience member’s attention.

Advertising via YouTube is a great way to raise awareness of your brand or business and increase engagement, with figures showing that videos uploaded by brands have a long shelf-life, allowing the brand’s visibility to continue for months, if not years.

A study conducted by Visible Measures showed that new video content on YouTube drove interest and engagement with past content as a kind of ‘ripple effect,’ showing an increase in views on previously existing content by up to 500%.

Advertisers and businesses that find themselves in the centre of the digital age need to evolve alongside growing and evolving technologies, allowing themselves to be visible amongst the ocean of competition. In order to successfully market their products in the digital age, brands and businesses must embrace and approach the way of the future with a sense of foresight.

Brands and businesses can market content through both YouTube and traditional television methods in order to maximise reach potential, in addition to catering to changes in audience tastes. Advertisers must also expand content volume and consistently post new content in order to further promote their products and services.

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Realise Your Business’ Reach Potential with YouTube Advertising


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