26 February 2016


The Power of Digital

Digital has been around for quite a few decades, but it is only in the past few years that the evolution of Digital has allowed us to cross boundaries we previously didn’t think were possible.

Channel 4 aired a documentary earlier on this week called the First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon, which you can catch up with online, and which shed some light on the ways of a Brazilian Tribe located deep in the Amazon, who have so far been untouched by the modern world – our world.

This fascinating and insightful documentary took us to a world that, though we share, is completely different, where members of the tribe struggle with every day functions such as sleeping and eating. Though contact with the tribe has been limited, the documentary came about due to 4 members of the tribe emerging from the depths of the forest and interacting with “modern day” people for the first time in recorded history.

This documentary started with a video, originally posted on Youtube a few years ago, and captures the first interaction they have with so called “modern day” people. Tense at first due to the language barrier, the two groups of people gradually come to peace with a mutual understanding of the word “good” and the tribe leave to enter the forest temporarily – but not without stealing some clothes first!You can see the video on Youtube.

Presently, the tribe have integrated with modern day society, and are protected by the Brazilian authorities. Angus McQueen, a film writer is able to have a conversation with the tribe member Xanu via translator, where a lot of information is revealed about them, their lifestyle and their journey so far. Needless to say, there lies a strong sense of spiritual De-Ja-Vous at the fact that the tribe is very much how we were thousands of years ago.

Now that one of the last remaining isolated tribes has also integrated with modern-day society, it is becoming more and more obvious that modern day man is making isolation for small civilizations near impossible and soon, there will be no isolated tribes left at all. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing though, is quite difficult to tell.

On the one hand, this particular tribe have come of the woodworks by choice, threatened by extinction, however on the other hand, with their existence so easy to document and show to billions globally, did they really have a choice – was it a case of integrating now or never; or simply integrating now or later?

Well, one thing is for sure - the power of Youtube, and, more broadly, the Digital world is unparalleled to others, as it is informing billions around the world of exciting discoveries in places few get a chance to see through the same light. In effect, it is uniting us with tribes previously thought lost, and it is doing so better than ever before because it is making the process of unity so much easier.

Just a few decades ago, computers and technology were predominantly reserved for the accountants or computing experts. It is now, during the 21st century, where we can tap into the power of Digital and really make a difference with what we post online. It is now that we can actually stay in touch and keep up-to-date with this lost tribe.

This documentary really does shed a completely new light on technology – the power of digital doesn’t just stop at web design or marketing, but in fact serves a much bigger purpose of which we can be a part of so very easily.

The Power of Digital


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