11 October 2011


Online Marketing Data: Do You Know Your Goal From Your Funnel?

I’m the first person to confess that I’m a geek at heart. Try as I may with my witty charm, impeccable dress sense, and enviable dance moves, there has always been a part of me that enjoys trawling through data, looking at patterns and identifying trends and seeing how activity works. What I find even more interesting is being able to make informed decisions based on reliable data, knowing that the facts always speak for themselves.

But what frustrates me is seeing projects going downhill. Not because there isn’t the motivation by the people to get it going, but because those people have overlooked the single most important aspect of managing a project- knowing your numbers.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been involved in the latter part of the development of an exciting new online platform which will completely transform the way businesses approach their online marketing. “BusinessSmart” is going to be an online marketing manager’s dream.

Let me give you the 411 (I’m so street).

BusinessSmart combines the effortlessness of Google Analytics with the savvy of SEOMoz’s many tools to provide users with an in-depth understanding of their website’s performance. It’s been designed to help our clients get to grips with SEO and how FDC Studio are carrying out important changes in an effort to increase their traffic and conversion rates.

On top of that, it displays monthly reports which clients can access whenever and wherever they need them, and it even tells you what marketing activities FDC have undertaken on your behalf. It’s also great for us when visiting clients, because we don’t have to carry around hefty reports, and they don’t get lumbered with more literature to read.

Unlike a lot of other SEO consultancies, FDC knows that giving our clients a report at the end of the month doesn’t really communicate how involved SEO is. Nor does it highlight the progress your site is making. That’s why BusinessSmart is so unique. It’s a fantastic bit of kit, and I’m delighted to have been working on its development.

Over the next couple of weeks, the FDC team are looking forward to seeing your entries for the Halloween Pumpkin competition. Top prize is a luxury hamper worth 50 big ones, so ‘Like’ our Facebook page and upload an image of your pumpkin creation to enter.

Good Luck!



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