11 September 2014


Miss A Step And You Could Fall!

Digital marketing is always changing – this is not only down to new ideas, processes and methods being preached by industry experts but also the sheer speed that new technology is being developed at.

Whilst this is exciting, it can be hard to remain on top of it all and therefore result in you missing a digital marketing trick or two! Missing a certain trick could have a substantial detrimental effect on your sales, allowing your competition to steam ahead!

Have we got your attention?

Don’t fret, if you are now worrying we have this covered! Below are our top 5 steps in remaining on top of the ball!

Step 1, Reach…

Did you know that more than 1/3 of the world’s population is now on the internet? With this in mind, we are sure that you would agree that having an online presence is crucial! Why? If not, you are missing out on masses of potential customers and sales - which are so easily reached through the internet.

The internet opens many doors when it comes to targeting customers. How? Through tried and tested methods such as article writing, blogging, social media, press releases, email marketing and more. You just have to ensure that the content is regular, fresh, relevant, engaging and fully optimised. This will not only help drive traffic but also help with the overall image of the company.

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Step 2, Cost & Return of Investment (ROI)…

Thanks to the nature of digital marketing; there is no simpler, more precise way which you can use to measure exactly what the customers want and how to give it them.

Therefore, this is most definitely the best way in order to optimise customer relations, improve profitability, and even widen your audience. This is done through a multitude of analytic tools which allows you to measure exactly all the aspects in which to improve your business.

Step 3, Customer Acquisition…

Research shows almost 1/3 of shoppers begin their online shopping by using search engines – so in order to gain the most amount of traffic you have to not only be found in these searches but also ahead of your competitors. More importantly, studies show that just 6% of people visit the second page of google searches, so ensure that you are on the first page for most keywords!

Step 4, Brand Development…

As stated above, it is important for your company to relate to its customers rather than just sell products. This can be achieved through increasing and improving your brand awareness through many different methods, from appearing more personal to having a sleek and stylish website design.

Step 5, Greater Engagement & Interaction…

Interacting with your customers is so much easier nowadays. You no longer have to take a long journey out to meet them face to face; in fact, you might not meet them at any point. But, this no longer means you can’t interact.

Furthermore, thanks to social media it is incredibly easy to talk to your customers. You could set up a quick questionnaire. Maybe ask them 5 good things about your services and 5 things you might need to change? From this you can find out precisely the ways in which you can become a better company.

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It is clear that there are many ways in which your company’s online presence can be optimised, however, you might be wondering just how much work and experience is needed to do all this?

Well the answer is a lot; it takes time, expertise, and precision to execute digital marketing correctly. Why not let FDC take this out of your hands – this is what we do for a living!

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