24 February 2011


Losing Jobs at Apple

I think everyone who is interested in technology is watching this space. With Steve Jobs on medical leave from his post as CEO of Apple, questions are being raised about where the company will go in his absence, and what the future holds.

Apple is a unique company. It is rare to find a corporation's success walk-hand-in hand with a man's success. People say that without Jobs there would be no Apple - especially one that has the power and wealth that it has today.

So, what's the plan now?

No one really knows, but Jobs decided to take medical leave in January and there was no time set for his return. He has been integral to Apple and its products over the past decade, from Mac and iPod to the iPhone and the iPad; each one of the products has been a phenomenal hit.

Jobs, who turns 56 today, first took medical leave in 2004 when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Since then his health has been in question. When he made it public that he wasn't on top form in January, shareholders were instantly concerned about the stability of Apple's future, and as a result share prices plummeted. 

The new iPad is set to launch in March and Jobs has been spotted around Silicon Valley (home to Apple Inc and many of the world's largest technology corporations) of late. Last week he attended an executive dinner hosted by President Barack Obama.

So I'd just like to wish a very happy birthday and a speedy recovery to this truly inspiring man. I certainly hope to see him return to Apple in the future.


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