18 August 2014


It’s Not Always About You And What You Like

Ensuring you market something the way the target audience may want it rather than the way you may want it may make a huge difference. What you have to remember is not everyone will like what you like and personal preferences and taste can differ a great deal. However, wouldn’t it be great if you could appeal to the majority? Well, we have news for you, this can be done.

This may be an obvious example but imagine that you are designing a website for a men’s football team, you would typically avoid using the colour pink altogether, right? You would use more masculine colours such as blues and reds; as you know this would appeal to the majority of the users.

This same principle, whilst obvious, can be applied to marketing. By using certain techniques you can increase your visibility to potential customers and clients. We probably have your attention now? Well, read on!

Always start from the beginning…

Looking at the context of your targeted audience is vital; from this you can see just what they do and what they are interested in it. This must always be the starting point, as you can then enhance your digital context with these in mind.

When enhancing your digital context you have to be relatable; a great example of this is using Twitter. Twitter is great as we can see what is trending either generally or in one specific area.

(Photo courtesy of: uncommonfeed)

Don’t become a laughing stock…

You also have to take into consideration your audiences behaviour. Look into the following:

  1. What will someone search for to find your products/services?
  2. What is the majority of the audience way of thinking?

So for example, if the client is a sports shop then the audience is likely to search for something such as ‘golf clubs’. You have to make sure that you make it obvious this is what you sell and therefore found on search engines for this term.

Peoples likes and dislikes change as much as the months of the year do and is typically based on what is considered as popular at a particular time. You have to keep up to date with such changes, as you could end up selling an exciting new product that died out last year.

FDC understand…

It is being made more and more evident that companies without an online status are beginning to struggle to survive, let alone grow and expand. That’s where we can come in and help. We can ensure that you remain popular and one step ahead of your competition. With our proven to work digital marketing methods you will stay up to date with what your customers want and therefore in effect, improve and help your profitability. This will be done by improving your online status and making sure you get more and more customers through expanding and relating to your specific audience.

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