13 February 2013


How To Use Twitter For Businesses

With over 500 million registered users, Twitter can play a vital role in promoting your business. Moving away from cold calling and generic emails, Twitter allows you to form a relationship with potential customers and either contact them publicly through a direct tweet, privately through a direct message or contact your followers through a tweet.

As well as bringing a more personal approach to marketing, Twitter can also help your business to;

-          develop and promote your company or brand

-          expand your client reach

-          interact easily with potential or existing customers

-          create a buzz about any new products, promotions or events

Getting started

Okay, so you’re making your profile. The first thing to do is decide on a username. This is the name that potential followers will use to find you so make sure it’s relevant and in keeping with your company – for instance use your company name or an abbreviation for your company name. Avoid using numbers or underscores in your username (unless it is part of your company’s name) as this can make the account look false and deter any potential followers.

Personalise your profile

In the same way as your username, your profile should be designed to represent your business. This should be done before you begin interacting with people or finding followers at it makes your profile look more authentic, therefore, making you more likely to get followers.

Use your company logo as your profile picture and use a background that is in keeping with your company website.

Although it can take a bit of time to initially set your profile up, it’s definitely worth doing! Make sure you fill in your bio, add a URL and set your location as this will all make your profile look more authentic and help to make your business appear more reputable.


So, you’ve made your account, chosen a username and personalised your profile. Next step, tweeting! There are 6 types of tweet, these are;

  1. The observational tweet. Tweet about what you or your business is doing, any exciting news you want to share with your followers.
  2. The latest update tweet. Tweet about any events you may be attending, any conferences you’re going to, and meetings you’re holding etc.
  3. The self-promotional tweet. Tweet a link to your company blog or any articles that have been written about your business.
  4. The partner-promotional tweet. Tweet a link to something someone else has done or written that you found either useful or interesting.
  5. The direct tweet. Tweet with an @ sign and someone’s username to tweet directly to a specific individual or individuals.
  6. The retweet. Retweet what someone else has said that you may have found interesting.

Use hash tags when writing a tweet that relate to whatever it is you’re tweeting about. For instance, if you have written a tweet about marketing put a hash tag in front of ‘marketing’ or end your tweet with ‘#marketing’, as this will make your tweets easier to find by people that aren’t following you.

Twitter, when used correctly, can be a great way to increase your customer following, reach out to both potentials and existing customers, keep your business at the forefront of a prospective client’s mind and generally get customers excited about your business, product or brand.

By Sarah-Jayne Culver


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