21 June 2011


How to Make a Successful Viral Marketing Campaign

When you think of online marketing you think of viral success. This is because a viral marketing campaign can work wonders for a brand's reputation whilst also driving an increased flow of traffic to your website. Achieving an effective viral campaign is and can be incredibly difficult. 

What is viral marketing? Quite simply, it's when a campaign encourages people to spread the message to their friends and followers. This can be through videos, eBooks, software, games that spread through the web like a virus attracting attention along the way. 

It's not guaranteed success but there are five simple steps towards a successful viral marketing.

Social media

There's no point even attempting to create a viral campaign without using social media. It's your best voice to the public and at the end of the day it's the public that decide whether anything goes viral. If you're using a video, upload it to YouTube and shout about it from your Twitter and Facebook pages. This gives your followers the opportunity to get involved and spread the  message.

Giving away stuff for free

Everyone likes a free gift, especially now a days when most things aren't free, in fact they're quite expensive. If you're looking at giving away something for free whether it's a prize or it's your service, then people will be interested and it could be enough to spark retweets and mentions about it which in turn will drive people to your website.

Get their emotions flowing

Check YouTube, you'll see that videos of cats are very popular. It's something to do with the fact we find cat videos amusing. This technique is a great way to get your brand noticed. Forget about boring and dull marketing campaigns - people want something that makes them laugh, cry or both!

Keep it simple

The ease of sharing is what is great about a viral campaign. If you post a video online with the requirement that your audience needs to register or fill in a questionnaire this will only damage your chances of getting you're campaign viral . People don't like to feel hassled, and how do they know if your software is safe to download? 

So, keep it simple. A straight forward approach to your campaign will ensure that it is an online success.


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