6 October 2014


How Important Are Mobiles For Digital Marketing?

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In the past 10 years the daily use of mobile phones has increased rapidly. The reason for this, is quite blatantly because mobiles have also improved along the way. Over the last fifteen years we’ve gone from the most basic technology devices to now being constantly development. Mobile phones have become something we simply cannot live without.

With the touch screen's proving to be popular and apps coming in different forms from games, social media and shops; the possibilities of mobile elements are endless with the prospect of using the Internet literally anywhere you go. Of course this has made a huge difference to how things work throughout the online world.

This development, means online marketing has become an even bigger source of profitability for companies than it previously was. The fact that you can market a product to someone whilst they are on the go is huge. Online marketing has become constant on going process.

The significance mobile marketing really made with social media…

Long gone are the days where you have to fire up the PC to use the internet, and wait at least ten minutes before you can do anything due to the incredibly slow loading.

Nowadays,  if you want to search something on the internet; all you have to do is take your phone out your pocket and you’re seconds away from having the answer. Things are much quicker now; hence the expression, “the now generation”.

The end result of this is that absolutely anything anyone is thinking can be posted on twitter/ Facebook etc immediately. Likewise to this, anything that needs to be marketed can be done instantly. Meaning the industry is much quicker and it is harder to remain at the forefront of your particular industry.

What are the most recent mobile developments?

Apple released the the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus recently. This is yet another step forward into an attempt to trying to improve the speed in which mobiles work and how often they are used. Whilst both phones do this perfectly.

While this is a huge jump from what we expected from phones years ago, the most important piece of technology, for digital marketing anyway, is the ‘Apple Pay’ system. In 2003 American idol made the smart move into allowing its customers to vote via SMS messaging. This ensured and pushed forward the growth of texting which is now almost taken for granted.

Perhaps, Apple Pay will revolutionise how we use mobiles once again? This makes things quicker for everything. Boarding tickets for planes, tickets for a gig, gift cards, movie tickets, everything could be brought through the means of Apple Pay supposedly. With over 10 million people already owning an iPhone 6, this makes the move a very smart one.

What does this mean for digital marketing you might ask? Well it means Apple will be more inclined to have links with other companies in order for Apple Pay to be used with them. If you haven’t figured it out yet; apple will want people to know about their links, meaning it will push their linked companies forward.


Overall, mobiles ensure we remain on our toes and stay with the times. It means everything can happen so much quicker now and admittedly this is hard to stay on the top of, but if you manage it, it can be extremely profitable. Whilst it is extremely difficult to do this and it takes years of practice, it is possible…

However, you will need a team of people behind you and lots of time. This is something all companies won’t have the time to do themselves, so therefore; we can offer to do all of your digital marketing entirely for you. We are trained and experienced in the industry and know all the ins and outs! We will ensure you stay at the forefront of your own particular industry.

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