7 February 2013


Google+ State That There Is No Concern Regarding Facebook Search Tactics

The competition between the two internet giants has been fierce since the introduction of Google+, but latest reports suggest Google are still confident in maintaining the market stance of their social media platform, fending off Facebook’s Graph Search feature…

The impact of the search method is widely anticipated by many, but shrugged off from the dominators of internet marketing. Facebook have concluded that their previous closed media environment was simply not valuable enough to consumers. The new platform will encompass internal search by allowing users to easily locate information and content posted by friends.

In a bid to accomplish full satisfaction for users of Facebook, there enhanced search facility is set to attract a wider audience and fulfil their needs when it comes to finding what they want. Industry commentators have interpreted the development as a clear attack on Google+, but Google welcome the challenge and claim that they ‘thrive on innovation and love competition’.

2013 is set to be an exciting year for the likes of social media (excuse the pun), with more and more functions becoming available at our fingertips. The close divide between platforms will surely bring many further options to us as the user, encouraging further developments within the sector.

By Sam Hurley


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