12 April 2012


Google+ New Features

There's been a lot of debate about the functionality of Google+ since it launched back in 2011, but one thing that was actually praised was it's layout and design. So it comes as a surprise to many this week that Google have announced plans to change the design, with an increased emphasis on easy navigation and a more fluid layout. Here's a quick low-down on the main design changes:


The icons that once scaled the top left side of the page are now found running down the left side of screen. What's more they are no longer static, meaning users can change the order of the icons however they like using the drag and drop feature.

google+ new features


A new addition to the Google+ dashboard is the 'Explore' function which allows users to find out what's trending across the network. In a nutshell, it's the Google version of Twitter's #Discover. This is great for finding out news and information relevant to your network.

As well as a separate hangouts page and better positioning to get more people using one of Google+'s most appealing features, users now enjoy full-bleed photos and videos and conversation "cards" that make it easier to join in on chats.

In revealing the details of these changes this week, Google also dropped in the fact that it had yet to be rolled out to its 170 Million strong network of users, showing that the search giant is beginning to flex its muscles and increase its market share against Facebook and Twitter.

Are you using Google+? How do you find the new features? Hate it? Love it? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

By Adam Cowlishaw


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