2 April 2012


Google and the Plus one concept: How does it affect your website?

There was a time when Google the search engine was straight forward; plug in the keywords; link the pages; sit back and watch your site climb to the top of the results pages. But things have changed. It’s a hard pill to swallow but organic SEO (yes organic, that’s the good stuff) has evolved. The playing field has been levelled by human engagement and in the digital world of today social signals are strong factors.

Google’s recent +1 (Plus One) network has added another angle to the search engine playbook, +1 users are now in control of what they want to see more often, and what they want their friends and social circles to see.  So for you as a Webmaster, Business Owner or Marketing Executive it means you too need to evolve, because neither Google nor its users are waiting around.

So what does all of this mean? In a nutshell it means that user engagement is quickly becoming the next stepping stone to a better search experience with better results and better conversions. It’s an age old method, but word of mouth is the best form of advertising and referral is king amongst business relationships. So why not leverage this same concept in the digital age?

That’s exactly what +1’s do!

When users click the +1 one button they are giving websites their personal approval, and these approvals are exposed to the user’s social circles and friends alike.

So let’s assume you have a social circle of 100 business professionals. The next time someone from your social circle searches on Google for a product which happens to be on a site that you’ve +1’d  it’ll appear in your friend’s search results with your +1 (your approval/referral) in clear sight.

So here is our advice to all Webmasters, Business Owners and Marketing Executives on how to use the Google +1 effectively and with organic SEO methods:

  • Display your Google +1 buttons in the user’s line of sight; don’t just tuck it away in a corner. Let it be seen and recognised.
  • Utilise the +1 button and use it in your marketing campaigns and landing pages.
  • Join networking circles with like-minded people that will enjoy your website or products.
  • Engage with groups and visitors to facilitate sharing of your content amongst their friends and social circles.

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By Sunny Chana


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