8 August 2012


Go Viral with YouTube

While SMEs far and wide are using the platform, many are not grasping its whole potential. Since recent updates, this popular social medium has many optimisation functions which can be manipulated to achieve a greater outreach to targeted audiences.

Professional Presentation

In a modern world, image is everything. If a product doesn’t appeal visually, it certainly won’t entice potential custom – the same basis applies to videos. Maximum interest and shareability requires four main factors; image, message, distinction and recall. The starting point when building your channel is to create eye-catching, unique and original content…videos which really capture your audience. Don’t upload an outstanding video and finish it with a poor graphic as the end credits. Take the extra time to add finesse to your work, at the end of the day it’s kudos to you.

Channel & Video Description

Descriptions play a huge role in ranking your YouTube video in internal search results in the ‘Related Videos’ section as well as Google, so be sure to include relevant keywords and optimise your meta descriptions effectively. A fresh, attractive, customised layout can also be set to accompany this information. Describe your video with extra information in the title tag i.e. a music video may have (Dance/Club Music) after the general title. This improves chances of the production being visible through search. YouTube video descriptions allow 27 characters before the remaining content is shortened – include a link to your website within the character limit for more probability of click-throughs.

Commenting & Rating

As with websites, content is crucial. Comments from users will spark conversations, and conversations produce content, which Google’s indexing algorithm will view as a positive. Star ratings tend not to affect Google rank, but will help to bump your video up on YouTube listings when a search is initiated. With this in mind, encourage both commenting and rating on each video.

Playlists & Links

If you have a number of highly successful videos, group them into playlists then place other internal links to related but less-popular vids in the same channels - you will begin to see that they benefit from the shared authority. There is also a possibility that they will be linked to as a ‘related playlist result’ in the scrolling sidebar, generating further exposure.

Although unlikely to affect listings within YouTube, external links to your channel and individual videos can also encourage higher rankings in Google, so be sure to build on these where possible.

FDC can provide a full service social media campaign for your business, encompassing the popular platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. For more details please give us a call at either of our offices Leicester: 01164 244 244 London: 02035 877 877

By Sam Hurley


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