25 November 2010


Generate Cash Without Having to Do a Thing - Here's How

Answer this honestly: are you still sending out marketing information without really knowing if your prospects are interested in it? If the answer's yes, I urge you to read on for just three minutes.

The headline above isn't a crafty marketing ruse to get your interest, I promise. It is actually possible. What's more, I'm willing to bet that you already have the two primary means at your disposal.

In other words, you have a computer with an email facility. All the better if you have a database ready and waiting too, but it's not essential. If needs must, you can always buy one in. Just make sure you do your homework and go to a reliable source!

So, are you ready to take your first steps towards earning an easier living?

The easy answer lies in automating the bulk of your marketing. Most businesses know that technology is there to save them time and trouble, just not to the full extent that it can.

Picture the scene. You have a new product that you want to announce to as many people as you can in as short a time as possible, incurring the least cost. It doesn't take a genius to realise that e-mail is the most obvious answer, but most businesses are missing out on the full, amazing potential of this incredible marketing tool. What do I mean?

Imagine that you send out your email - either to your own existing, qualified database, or to one which you have bought in from a marketing data specialist. Your sales team then play the waiting game, to see who bites. For any e-marketing campaign to stand a fair chance, your email distribution software must be capable of divulging detailed statistical information, such as who has received the email, who has actually opened it, when did they, and how many times? And, most crucially, which areas of your website did they look at and how long did they spend browsing on each page?

Armed with this crucial information, you're ready for your next step...

Set up a number of automated emails to follow on from the first. The type of email each prospect will receive next will depend on how they responded to your initial mailer. For example, if they showed interest in the product concerned, but did not follow through with a call, an email the following day reminding them of the benefits of this product would work well. But if they didn't even open the email, a different type of email is called for, one which adds pressure to the offering, such as an offer with a small window of opportunity.

If interest is shown in particular products, it may well be that there is another product waiting in the wings for an upsell opportunity. An automated email offering a discounted price for the second product wouldn't go amiss.

The point is that - unlike with traditional forms of mass marketing - email is far less hit and miss because you can see your customers' behaviours at every stage of the process. Why waste time and run the risk of annoying your customers by bombarding them with offers of products which hold no interest for them?

As design and communication professionals, we will talk to you in depth and map out your customer's "journey" for your next promotion or mail blast. And from this, we'll devise you a series of emails to get the results you deserve. Once it's set up, we'll monitor each stage to make sure it's all running like clockwork. All you need to do is wait for the profits to start rolling in.
In our high-maintenance society, we expect people to do their homework before they approach us. We expect them to know what makes us smile, what makes us angry, what our fears are, and what would make our lives better and easier.

There is nothing which comes barely close to email on these scores. But as with all technology, this powerful weapon is only as good as its programmer.

Don't run the risk of your next marketing campaign falling flat on its face - turn to FDC for professional design, content and distribution and experience at first-hand what this amazing promotional tool can do for your profit margins today!

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