2 October 2014


FDC Are In Fashion When It Comes To Clients

Recently the whirlwind of new clients has been explained through our previous two articles; in which our love for animals was shown. However, we never want to stick to just one type of industry. Therefore, because of this we always keep an open-minded approach.

We've been very excited recently to take on ‘Layers’. A company which is at the forefront of fashion; everything in Layers is always before its time and manages to beat its competitors by always being that one step ahead.

Our aim is to replicate Layers’ methods in fashion, by always managing to acquire new clients of any kind. We believe it is important that we maintain an open-mind in terms of clients; as this opens doors for us and means we’re versatile.

Who are Layers and what do they do?

Fashion is possibly on a par with technology when it comes to the lively nature of the two. Fashion is ever-changing, thus making it extremely difficult for any clothes shop to ever manage to remain on top of things. This occasionally can mean they’ll be periods where each shop gets left behind momentarily.

However, this is something that just simply will not happen at Layers. Perhaps because their styles are so unique and that it is almost impossible to say they implement a similar style to anyone else. Instead, they are often a month ahead of what’s considered to be ‘in fashion’.

Layers promises to always manage to find and acquire the mostavant-garde and artisanal men’s and women’s clothing out there.

Their aim is to never go with what other shops are doing and only focus purely on what they’re doing.  This is managed through finding young designers who do not do their works for commercial or money-based reasons. But instead, because it is something they thoroughly enjoy doing.

(Picture courtesy of Layers)

So what will Layers achieve from digital marketing?

No matter where you are in your industry; whether you’re extremely successful or scraping past, it is a certain you’ll always need digital marketing in order to improve or maintain on what you already have. This isn’t just a throwaway comment either it is predicted that if you don’t do anything to gain a better online presence that your company will struggle to compete in the next 5-10 years.

1/3 of the world’s population is now on the internet, so in theory, this means Layers could have been missing out on 1/3 of their customers. Furthermore, this is clearly something any company will want to avoid; there are many ways in which you can manage to improve your online presence, but it’s not easy. It takes mass amounts of time, effort, money, and often you’ll need a team of people working on this.

Layers do not have the time to do their own digital marketing; they’re far too busy looking for new designers and the next big thing on the runway. We understand this, and therefore, complete all of their digital marketing.

(Picture courtesy of Layers)

This can apply to absolutely any company, no matter what your industry is or what you do. Moreover, if you have an interest in this matter or wish to learn more please do so by clicking here.


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