22 September 2014


FDC Are Barking Mad For More Animal Friendly Clients

We are extremely proud to say we have been working with Happypet for a long time now. During this relationship we have learnt an awful lot about pet-care and what it takes in web design to remain top in this particular industry.

Our love for animals grew naturally as you might expect, turning our website development into more of a hobby, this is something we find with most client projects. However, this particular project made us realise that we would love more work in the pet-care industry.

With this in mind, you can imagine how excited we were when Multipet decided to come on board with us! As you might have already suspected, Happypet is the sister company of Multipet. There are many reasons why they decided to trust us, but one of the main factors could have been the results we achieved for Happypet.

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So who is Multipet?

Multipet are an international company founded fairly recently in 1995. Despite the company not being around for long or having much experience within their industry, their success is achieved by always aiming to impress – at any given chance!
Multipet aren’t short of recognition for their works; what with a premier-award as a pet products designer and importer in the United States under their belt, alongside other means of recognition. This award certainly shows just what kind of a company they are - they won’t now just sit back and relax, but instead look into other areas that they can excel within.

This is one of the main reasons we’re so interested in this client, as they will work extremely hard on a constant basis in order to achieve what they want. We wish to replicate this motive and help move Multipet forward as a company.

Multipet are extremely well known for the quality and popularity of their products, in particular, their toys. You might have heard of the Loofa Dog Toy? Well we have these guys to thank for this product, which is always in such high demand! These are extremely demanded products and Multipet is the designer of them. This really does underline the kind of work that goes on and how they truly do understand the industry.

We believe that by working together we can achieve great things and we can’t wait to see what the end result will be! We will keep you posted!

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Why not get on board with us?

We understand the importance of keeping a business such as Multipet at the forefront of its industry. However, what we understand even better; is actually how we can improve a company’s chances of doing just this. The way we do it is, improving their presence online in every way possible.

The aspects included to do this go as follows; social media, website traffic/ optimisation, SEO, ecommerce, and so on. Moreover, what is really being focused on right now with Multipet is their website optimisation. In fact, a whole new website is under development; this will showcase them as a company in the greatest manner possible.

A first impression is made in just 6 seconds according to studies, therefore, it is important that within six seconds of being on a website that the visitor is impressed. We are experts in this field of work. We have a team of people who have been doing this for years and following their experience, comes quality of work.

It is extremely difficult to do these things on your own without the appropriate training, team around you, and equipment. For more information on what we do please click here. Or ring us on this number: 0800 131 0707


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