25 November 2010


E-marketing Campaigns: How to Win the Rat Race

  1. Make sure there is an easy, quick way for your contacts to unsubscribe from your email should they so wish. Test, test and test again.
  2. E-marketing is the most cost-effective way to drive clients to your site - use it!
  3. Unlike static, more traditional marketing methods, e-mail enables you to tell customers your latest news as it happens. Simply by telling your customer base what you've been up to, you can increase your revenue by between 25 and 30 per cent.
  4. If appropriate, guide your customers to vouchers which they can download from your website. It's one of the best ways of ensuring they take a look at your site.
  5. More than 90 per cent of people never return to a site twice - including those they bookmark - so you only have one chance to capture their contact information. Offering something of genuine value - even just information - and asking for their email address in exchange should do the trick.
  6. The most important thing an e-marketing campaign will do is tell people about the existence of your website. The link is there ready and waiting for their convenience, whenever they want to take a look.
  7. Even if e-marketing doesn't produce all the sales leads you had hoped for, it will still have armed you with some very useful information. Give this information to your sales team and it's immediately transformed a cold lead into a hot one, thus avoiding all the awkward, initial stages of the face-to-face sales process.
  8. Educate your customers, don't sell to them. People wised up to the blatant, hard sell long ago.
  9. Send out a consistent message from one email to the next. In fact, making occasional references to emails that have gone before gives those in the know a sense of belonging. It works for the big cult brands, so why not you?
  10. Think about the medium you are using and the way you should address people. Emails are far more fitting with a "Hi, Jon" than a "Dear Mr Brown".


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