25 November 2010


Dale Shows You How to Cash in On Your Website

As with so much good, cash-generating marketing, it's a myth that SEO has to cost a fortune.

Picture the scene: you took the plunge and invested time, money and effort into a new website to give you a global presence and skyrocket your turnover.

So, where the *@*@ are they?!?

We understand your frustration, but let's get one thing straight - with more than 240million websites on the Internet and rising, web users are going to need a bit of a nudge to know you're there. 

And when I say nudge, I mean the on-line equivalent of a sharp elbow in the ribs on a daily basis.

But how can you even begin to understand all this technological wizardry?

Again, we understand your worry. It's not your job to understand the ins and outs of it all. And you're wrong if you think that the only people profiting from the untapped treasure of the internet are hoodie-toting technogeeks who only leave their computer screens to eat and sleep.

FDC has the answer which, if applied long-term, could have a seriously-positive effect on your web traffic situation.

We work closely with some of the most high-demand SEO experts in the business, and we know the amazing results they have already achieved.

As always, we promise not to blind you with science and bog you down in detail. We'll regularly monitor your campaign, and we'll constantly tweak it until it's working harder for you than your sales force. We'll send you a monthly plain English report, so you can see what's working well and what needs addressing on a regular basis.

Want to know more about how this can be easily, effortlessly and quickly applied to your website?

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