7 February 2013


Boosting Lead Nurturing Campaigns

By integrating other marketing methods with your lead nurturing campaigns, you can improve the overall efficiency and reach of them…

It really is as simple as that. For a lead nurturing campaign to be successful, factors such as an impressive landing page and using analytics and email marketing should be put into consideration.

First things first let’s address the integration of an effective landing page…

A successful landing page should draw in a lead and turn them into a customer; this is achieved by the content that they are exposed to. There are many ways that you can monitor your most optimised content. One method is assessing the success rate of the landing pages which convert a person who is interested in your services into a customer. The landing pages which have the highest success rate should be then integrated in all lead nurturing emails.

There are industry standard tools which can put landing pages in order of the number of customers they generate. They also explore other factors such as;

  • Number of views
  • Conversion rate
  • Submissions
  • First time submissions
  • Number of customers

It’s not all about landing pages…

Alongside integrating landing pages, lead nurturing emails can also help boost other pages of your site which have already generated customers. Case studies or testimonials are good pages that should be included into a drip marketing campaign. Industry standard tools can notify you which pages influence the buying process, and more importantly which ones lead to an actual purchase. 

Integrating email marketing…

In creating lead nurturing campaigns, you should be able to recycle previous content that has already been utilised in an email marketing program. If you have already put together a successful email for a specific email promotion, it would be stupid not to use the same content in a lead nurturing email. Successful and clever marketing is all about recycling and revamping old content. You should be tech savvy and use tools that allow the following;

  • Emails to be sent instantly
  • Scheduling emails for a one-time send
  • Including emails in a marketing automation work flow

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc…

Knowing how to use social media in order to increase the successfulness of your lead nurturing campaign is key. On social websites, such as Twitter; individuals want to share content that they find interesting, you, as a marketer, should make this process as easy as possible.

Social platforms are not just B2C…

A staggering 65% of the top 20% B2B marketers generate leads through the use of social media and integrated emails.

How do you integrate social media into lead nurturing campaigns I hear you ask? Simple, add social media sharing links and follow links in every email. By doing this you can dramatically improve your reach and click-through-rate.

Follow me links enable email receivers to connect with your business via social websites with one click of a mouse button. This will not only grow your social reach, but additionally create touch points for your leads and customers to interact with your organisation. In creating more ways for a lead to connect with your business, your brand and messaging will be more solidified.

It was reported that email newsletters with social sharing buttons had a staggering 115% higher CTR compared with companies who didn’t. Did you know that when nurtured leads share your content on their social profiles, the reach of your brand will increase? It is important to remember that social sharing creates new leads whilst still paying attention to existing ones.

It is imperative to understand that lead nurturing should not just generate leads; the main aim is to generate customers…


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