14 February 2013


Avoid Making The 10 Biggest Facebook Marketing Blunders!

Did you know there is a staggering 900 million people that have accounts on Facebook, constantly “liking”, sharing, commenting and posting? With this fact in mind, it is imperative that businesses know what the biggest Facebook marketing blunders are.

"There's actually a science behind this — yes, it's an art, but we have found some strong conclusions that there are levers that marketers can pull to be more successful [on Facebook]. This is not a black box ... there's a lot of opportunity to understand how to make your marketing better."

Sean Bruich (Head of Measurement Platform and Standards)

This blog will underline the 10 most commonly made mistakes when it comes to Facebook marketing, making sure that you don’t become a victim of them and if you have already, how to make sure that you don’t make the same mistake twice.

Uncompleted Facebook page

This may seem obvious, yet so many businesses make this mistake! Make sure that you are using Facebook to its full potential and completely fill out your Brand Page! Ensure that the relevant business information is available to users such as; address, opening times, about us etc. If your business is expanding or moving to another location either list this or create a whole new page on Facebook.

Using illegal cover photos

A cover photo is the first thing that consumers notice and should abide to the following Facebook regulations;

  • no price or purchase info (this includes discounts)
  • no a call to action button (such as to “like” or share content)
  • no contact info (such as web/email/mailing address)

When choosing your cover photo make sure that it shows off your products and puts your brand in a positive light, for example a close up of food is great for café’s and restaurants. Keep the image fresh and change it at regular intervals.

Breaking contest guidelines

Any contest that a business runs should be deemed by Facebook as legal. Ensuring that you are always complying with Facebook guidelines can be complex;

  • competitions that request submissions/votes by comments or “liking” are prohibited
  • your brand is personally responsible for the lawful running of any promotion
  • before running contests/giveaways they must always be administered within apps on facebook.com (on a canvas page or page app)
  • competitions must highlight the fact that they are not sponsored, endorsed, administered by or any way associated with Facebook.
  • competition winners must not be notified through Facebook

Over posting

Always remember that less is more. It is recommended that businesses start out with one or two posts a week, to get an idea of how the platform works. Many businesses who post once per day find that there is an adverse effect on engagement. It is estimated that the average user likes four to six new pages each month, this makes it hard for brands to get attention from fans. Aim to post one excellent item per day instead of two alright ones.

If you only have time to post a few days per week, you can still make sure that your page is active on a daily bases. Get into the habit of checking your page and “like” or reply to comments from your fans. Always tag the people you are replying to, this will make them feel special and want to engage with your brand more.

It’s not all about the likes

Don’t get me wrong, “likes” are important as the more likes you have the greater the audience your brand is reaching. “Likes” are just step one though, step two is ensuring that your brand is reaching the right audience and making sure they are kept in engaged. If they are sharing and “liking” your content on a regular basis then they are pushing your brands message to their Facebook associates.

It is important to consider that there are better days for Facebook content sharing, Buddy Media carried out a study where it was proven that content had an 18% higher chance of being shared on Thursdays and Fridays.

Writing too much

Research has shown that posts that are between 100 and 250 characters (up to two lines of content) get 60% more “likes”, comments and shares. Keep your message short and sweet, if you can aim to have 80 characters as there is a 27% higher chance of receiving engagement.

Posting irrelevant content

Again this seems obvious but many businesses make this mistake. All posts should add value to your brand. Don’t post about things just because you think it is “cool” or interesting, always ensure that it is relevant to your brand! Remember that just because someone likes your brand, what you find interesting won’t necessarily be interesting for them. Also, fans don’t see everything you post; don’t risk it as the one time they read your content may be the time when it is irrelevant to your brand.

Paying no attention to Insights

Facebook Insights are very beneficial to a company as they offer a great deal of useful information. Particular attention should be paid to the Friends of Fans metric, as this typically represents a larger amount of consumers than a brand’s Fans. Did you know that for the top 1,000 brands on Facebook, the Friends of Fans number is 81 times bigger than the fan count? Use this to your businesses advantage, as there is a huge potential audience that can be engaged with by posting eye catching content, because fans’ activity will be present in friends’ feeds.

Not spicing up your content

Since the evolution of the Timeline on Facebook making the platform much more image-based, it’s important to display interesting content. Using the right combination of polls, questions, photos and video will keep people excited about your brand. It is in human nature to crave diversity, and a mixture of posts will result in different types of successful engagement.

So one indidual may answer a poll, share a photo and comment on a video, so it’s best to give your customers a wide range of ways to engage with your brand.

Never mind what post you’re sharing, make sure the tone reflects the character of your company, ask yourself do you want your brand's tone to be; cheeky, sophisticated, friendly, fun etc?

The main aim is to get a Facebook user to know it’s your content without having to see your company’s name and image beside it.

Not using Facebook ad options to its full potential

If a business can afford it, a company should aim to use Facebook Ads in their marketing strategy and this ad needs to be well branded. Make it clear to the consumers who and what the ad is promoting. Ads that have a reward scheme tend to be more successful, as more people will be attracted to it. Each ad should have one creative focal point; this will ensure that fans can recall and remember your ad.


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