20 February 2013


Are You Missing Out On Vital Marketing Opportunities?

In today’s market, a lot of people seem to be under the impression that digital marketing is the be all and end all of marketing. As we are rapidly becoming more and more tech-savvy, it is undisputable that an increasing number of us are using smart phones, tablets and laptops to access the internet – presenting businesses with endless marketing opportunities. However, this being said, the employment of digital marketing should not mean that all other marketing methods should be dismissed.

Unless an individual is specifically searching for a particular product or service, chances are the digital marketing that your business is doing, won’t be seen.  Whilst this is a great, cost effective way to target a specific, select audience, the wider market should not be ignored!

Have you ever opened a newspaper or magazine and seen an advert that caught your attention? Have you seen an advert on the tube that got you interested in a particular product or brand?

Have you ever walked/driven past a billboard that you found particularly interesting?

Personally, I have and I found the unexpected, caught-of-guard element of this marketing style to be the factor that made me pay attention to it. When I’m flicking through a magazine or hopping on the tube, I don’t expect to be particularly drawn in by the adverts used to fill pages or cover the walls so, when there is something that I’m interested in, it makes more of an impression.

With this in mind, by combining digital and non-digital marketing methods, companies could potentially see a dramatic rise in interest, traffic and ultimately, in sales!

By Sarah-Jayne Culver


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