25 September 2014


Animal Care Continues To Grow At FDC through Respect for Reptiles

Recently, FDC has been able to acquire Multipet as a further client. This is perhaps due to the relationship that has been built up with Happypet; the sister company of Multipet. We thoroughly enjoy working with both of these clients and this has become apparent even to ourselves.

We simply cannot grasp enough work with animals at the minute, and we have been very apt in our approach to acquire yet another animal-related client. This time they go under the name ‘Komodo Products’ and as you might have suspected, they work entirely with reptile’s.

We enjoy working with all our clients as they all differ. However, Komodo Products had something completely different for us, so it was inevitable that we explored it. Highlighting, here at FDC are willing to work with anyone, and the more unique, the better as far as we are concerned. Komodo Products are a great project for us and this article will help explain further as to what makes them so interesting.

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More information about Komodo Products & what they do…

Komodo Products understand the amount of care which has to go into keeping a reptile; it is extremely different to having a cat or dog as a pet. Whilst your dog might require the same amount of attention, it is obvious how you take care of them yet with reptiles it not, it requires a lot of researching and reading before hand.

There are many aspects to keeping a reptile that so many won’t even take into consideration. You must ensure it has the right housing with sufficient lighting, heating, decor, monitoring systems and so on. It takes a lot of dedication to look after a reptile, but Komodo Products will be able to supply you with the utmost, top quality products for it.

It is extremely important Komodo Products supply their customers with the correct accessories in order to look after their reptiles, and Komodo Products also believes it is their responsibility to ensure the buyer understands all the right information about what it takes to look after a reptile. This way they can ensure the reptile will be in safe hands.

The most exciting part of the company is the actual Reptiles. Fundamentally, this is what makes Komodo Products who they are. They sell a versatile selection of reptiles which includes; Bearded Dragons, Hermann’s Tortoise, Yemen Chameleon, Corn Snake, and a Horned Frog.

Some places may only offer snakes or lizards, whereas, Komodo Products offers everything from Tarantula’s to Frogs. Furthermore, Komodo Products have experience with each and every reptile and they care for them themselves until they get a new owner, so know you’ll be getting a healthy, and well looked after pet.

 (Photo courtesy of: howanimal)

So how can FDC help Komodo Products?

There are many ways in which we can help any client of this industry. Here at FDC we’re fully equipped with not only the right tools and knowledge to help you, but the understanding that our clients will want things doing in a specific way.

One example of what we will do for Komodo Products is ensuring content is being posted on their social media platforms which is appropriate and interesting for their audience. We will draw up a strategy to ensure the posts are engaging with the audience as well as informing. Eventually this will ultimately mean getting more customers through Komodo’s door.

We will also optimise and improve their website to create the best professional impression and ensure it is extremely easy to navigate around. These are just two small, basic examples of the range we offer to all our clients. We work extremely hard and have the required skills, tools and knowledge do them successfully.. Therefore, it is almost impossible to do what we do on your own.

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