21 February 2013


Affiliate Marketing And Its Value

Digital advertising has rapidly become the most profitable form of marketing over the last few years, taking the world of promotion by storm. In a relentless, ever-changing digital landscape, it is vital for businesses to keep up-to-date with new technologies and techniques to maximise probability of those all-important conversions.

The constant reinvention of trusted approaches to online marketing coupled with the introduction of new practices and systems means we are forever learning – and continually adapting. There are even a few methods which have come close to extinction, only to rise straight back up the performance charts. One of the most prolific examples has to be affiliate marketing…

Effective affiliate programs

The most fruitful affiliate programs, whether B2B or B2C, are most likely the result of quality, frequent resources provided by the company to the affiliates in order to help them sell. This includes a whole host of creative and attractive website banners and widgets. SEO friendly content which is unique, informative and structured is also a winner for traffic, rankings and ultimately; conversions.

Regular communications and support are as always, primary rules. Without communication how will anything ever get done? It won’t – and this must be remembered by marketers. It's of no use to begin a campaign then letting it trail off halfway through (as many unfortunately do).

Any affiliate programme is scalable and has the utmost potential to form a robust, conversion-rich digital strategy. Its pay-per-performance construct means small enterprises are able to invest only a small amount if preferable to test the waters before moving onto bigger and better proposals.


In conclusion, affiliate marketing is boundless in providing promotional success to start-ups and established enterprises alike. With commission rates set at profitable margins ranging from the usual 10% to as much as 50%, the return on investment is unquestionable. You gain sales, they receive a share – everyone’s content. This is why affiliate marketing WORKS.

By Sam Hurley


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