21 October 2015


10 reasons to use marketing automation

Marketing automation takes businesses marketing workflows, and streamlines them into an automated process.

This is a relatively new trend used by larger companies due to the cost, however there are now lower priced platforms tailored for small business budgets which are available.

If you haven’t ever considered marketing automation, here are 10 reasons why you should.

1. Combines Marketing Functions

Marketing automation combines different customer retention and acquisition channels such as email, landing pages, social media, webinars and direct mail into single software platforms.

Combining these channels will save time when performing marketing functions, and save money because you no longer have to pay separately for individual platforms.

2. Integrates Marketing Channels

Automation combines and integrates your marketing channels. Instead of sending disjointed campaigns through individual platforms, your messaging becomes more consistent across multiple channels.

3. Supports Customer Journey

Consumers don’t always buy the first time they visit your website or visit your place of business. Instead, they often go through various stages which take them along the path to purchase. Automation creates as many touch points as possible and leads prospective customers further down the path.

Marketing automation enables you to map your interactions to where prospects are in their journey, which makes your marketing more relevant, personal and timely. It is also reliant on the prospect to initiate actions — such as filling out a form — real-time interaction when the visitor may be ready to buy.

4. Provides Comprehensive View

Combining data from a variety of touch points gives you a complete view of the customer or prospect, something that would be near impossible with information spread across multiple platforms.

Each interaction feeds directly into the prospect or customer profiles, enabling you to gain valuable insights, to develop targeted marketing materials and campaigns.

5. Tracks, Nurtures, and Qualifies Leads

Use the customer-management component, found in most automation platforms, to track, nurture, and qualify leads. Doing this will help you to close more sales, and you can also use the customer-management components to forecast revenue growth and manage cash flow with greater accuracy.

6. Produces Detailed Reports

Channel integration supplied by automation platforms gives you the ability to track all of your marketing activities and create detailed reports that show the results.

Individual platforms, such as email or social media, offer reporting capabilities, however they cannot integrate data to the same extent using marketing automation.

7. Aligns Marketing and Sales

Misalignment between the marketing and sales departments can result in an efficiency gap in converting leads. Marketing automation helps solve that problem by giving both groups access to the same information, primarily through the customer-management component.

Marketers can use the data to develop buyer profiles and create marketing materials to fit each audience. Salespeople can qualify individual prospects in terms of their readiness to buy and use marketing collateral to move the prospect down the path to purchase.

8. Reduces Learning Curve

It takes time to master different software platforms. With marketing automation, you only have one.

Most automation platforms — especially those for small businesses — are user-friendly, requiring no knowledge of design or HTML. Many offer ready-made templates, with the ability to tailor them to your

9. Enhances Personalization

Marketing automation enables you to track what content customers consume, the keywords they’ve used, emails they’ve opened and clicked, and their social-media interactions with your business.

Combined with processes that allow you to collect detailed data about prospects and customers, you can target individuals by segmenting it with offers personalized to their demographics, interests, and goals.

10. Makes Marketing More Productive

Automation platforms might not do everything as well as specialized tools, such as email marketing services. But the time-savings they offer can result in more productive marketing activities.


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