Social Media Marketing - More than just a Post!

21 March 2016


Business on social media platforms is now more than just a post. Nowadays, businesses are required to implement and utilize marketing techniques that are ideal for social content and media ...

Get the Benefits of Digital Marketing Without Splurging All the Cash

16 March 2016


Digital Marketing can be an expensive task and with so much to choose from, it’s difficult to know how much you need to spend. So how much do you ...

Set Your Business Apart with Fantastic Digital Marketing Techniques

16 March 2016


Mastering Digital Marketing is no easy job. In fact, business owners pick information up from people who may be misinformed about the techniques involved in ensuring the process is as ...

Realise Your Business’ Reach Potential with YouTube Advertising

7 March 2016


At FDC Studio, we like to stay on top of emerging trends in digital marketing and help our clients to reach new heights and larger audiences by utilising trending and ...

The Power of Digital

26 February 2016


Digital has been around for quite a few decades, but it is only in the past few years that the evolution of Digital has allowed us to cross boundaries we ...

Laugh, Cry or even throw a tantrum with Facebook's new 'Reactions' feature

25 February 2016


As of yesterday, social media giant Facebook began to roll out ‘Reactions,’ the new expressive extension used in conjunction with the Like button. SNOW WHITE AND THE FIVE ICONS Extremely ...

Innovation in Digital Marketing for Release of new Deadpool Film

22 February 2016


Deadpool is the new movie that’s causing all the hype at the moment but the movie is special for far more than just creativity. Marvel comics have come up ...

Digital Marketing - PPC and SEO specialist

3 November 2015


PPC and SEO specialist £25,000 Permanent Start date: ASAP Based in Leicester – Coalville Job Description We’re looking for an experienced PPC and SEO digital marketing executive to join our ...

Dominate your market with our data validation process!

23 October 2015


Find out how you can improve your marketing by validating your database in an automated way. Simply click the image below to download our step-by-step detailed guide.

10 reasons to use marketing automation

21 October 2015


Marketing automation takes businesses marketing workflows, and streamlines them into an automated process. This is a relatively new trend used by larger companies due to the cost, however there are ...

High volumes of traffic but no conversions? Don’t panic we know where you're going wrong!

20 October 2015


If you are a business who sells online and experiences high volumes of traffic with little or no conversions, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that you ...

How Important Are Mobiles For Digital Marketing?

6 October 2014


(Picture Courtesy of: Wordpress) In the past 10 years the daily use of mobile phones has increased rapidly. The reason for this, is quite blatantly because mobiles have also improved along ...

FDC Are In Fashion When It Comes To Clients

2 October 2014


Recently the whirlwind of new clients has been explained through our previous two articles; in which our love for animals was shown. However, we never want to stick to just ...

Animal Care Continues To Grow At FDC through Respect for Reptiles

25 September 2014


Recently, FDC has been able to acquire Multipet as a further client. This is perhaps due to the relationship that has been built up with Happypet; the sister company of ...

FDC Are Barking Mad For More Animal Friendly Clients

22 September 2014


We are extremely proud to say we have been working with Happypet for a long time now. During this relationship we have learnt an awful lot about pet-care and what ...

Strength In Numbers – Do It The Ant Way!

18 September 2014


Just for a second imagine that you are a small, fragile ant – going about your daily ant business (whatever that may be). Due to your size you have limited vision – ...

Miss A Step And You Could Fall!

11 September 2014


Digital marketing is always changing – this is not only down to new ideas, processes and methods being preached by industry experts but also the sheer speed that new technology is ...

We Dare You! Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

28 August 2014


Many of us like to stick to traditional methods; we know they work and therefore this is the best or the only way to do something, why do we need ...

It’s Not Always About You And What You Like

18 August 2014


Ensuring you market something the way the target audience may want it rather than the way you may want it may make a huge difference. What you have to remember ...

This Has Been Our Best Month Yet! Surely We Can Kick Back And Relax?

13 August 2014


Your company or even just you for that matter might have had a great few months. You may have been fulfilling all your clients requirements, and at the same time ...

Viral Marketing: Personality vs. Products

6 August 2014


Viral marketing has become the forefront of many businesses, from large to small, they are all competing to get their product across to a mass online market, and the ...

Affiliate Marketing And Its Value

21 February 2013


Digital advertising has rapidly become the most profitable form of marketing over the last few years, taking the world of promotion by storm.

Are You Missing Out On Vital Marketing Opportunities?

20 February 2013


In today’s market, a lot of people seem to be under the impression that digital marketing is the be all and end all of marketing. As we are rapidly becoming more and more tech-savvy, it is undisputable that an increasing number of us are using smart phones, tablets and laptops to access the internet – presenting businesses with endless marketing opportunities. However, this being said, the employment of digital marketing should not mean that all other marketing methods should be dismissed.

How To Attract The Female Audience

20 February 2013


Let’s start with some facts. Did you know that; Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, including everything from cars to health care

Is Your eCommerce Site Designed Around Your Customers?

15 February 2013


On average, it takes 3 seconds to make a first impression. With this in mind, you have 3 seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer, draw them in and get them excited about your brand or product. Sounds like a tough task, right? That’s why web design is so important for the success of your business.