16 March 2016


Introducing Google Analytics 360 Suite

Google Analytics 360 Suite aims to help marketers understand consumer behaviour in the moment. It is a set of integrated data and marketing analytics tools designed to help enterprise marketers reach customers with the right message at the right time enabling you to set your marketing strategy, drive sales and outperform the competition.

With customers increasingly using mobile devices to research, compare and buy products, it is giving them a chance to act more quickly on the information they find to make decisions.

There are other analytics tools out there, but marketers are finding them hard to use, not collaborative and they seem to be poorly integrated with one another. So now we will see Google compete with the likes of Adobe.

What does it include?

It will be loaded with 6 different applications, of which 4 are brand new, offering easy-to-use tools that enable sharing of data and insights through an organization. They are all well integrated and help you understand your customers’ journey better.

Google Audience Centre 360 (beta)

This is Google’s first data management platform (DMP) which will help marketers understand their customers and find more like them across channels, devices and campaigns. It offers native integration with DoubleClick and AdWords, and can also be utilized with other demand-side platforms (DSPs) whilst also pulling in data from third-party providers.

Google Optimize 360 (beta)

This is a site testing and personalisation product to help marketers deliver better experiences. It is designed so that marketers can show consumers multiple variations of their site (e.g. landing pages) and then choose the version that works best for each audience.

Google Data Studio 360 (beta)

This is a new data analysis and visualization product that integrates data and generates interactive reports and dashboards. It’s features of real-time sharing and collaboration is based on Google Docs technology.

Google Tag Manager 360

It is based on the tag manager feature in Google Analytics, however this is now a standalone product and it offers a simplified way to gather site information and powerful APIs to increase data accuracy and streamline workflows.

Google Analytics 360

Formerly known as GA Premium. The tech giant said the product will “serve as the measurement centrepiece by analysing customer data from all tough-points,” with integration into the company’s ad products. Giving you a deeper understanding of customer experience.

Google Attribution 360

Formerly known as Adometry, Google say “it has been rebuilt from the ground up to help marketing investments and allocate budget with confidence.” It will allow marketers to analyse performance across all channels and systems to achieve their most effective marketing mix.

Google are stepping up the game and are presenting themselves more as a ‘data platform,’ not just a search and advertising platform, becoming more integrated and holistic for marketers and website owners. This new software actually sounds pretty exciting!

Keep your eyes open for another blog post on Google Analytics 360 in the coming months. If you want more information on this new launch give us a call on 01164 244 244 to find out more.

Introducing Google Analytics 360 Suite


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