19 February 2016


How to Use Raven Tools to Effectively Manage SEO and Social Media

The perfect solution for all Digital Marketers.

What is it?

Raven tools is a browse-based internet marketing platform that manages all your online internet and social media marketing. It is designed to help you to manage, monitor and improve your search engine positioning whilst also managing your Google advertising and your social media management.

What are the Key Features of Raven tools?

  • Social – Integrate all your social accounts and interact on social media activity (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) on one dashboard. View metrics and insights for all your social accounts.
  • Integrate – with Google Webmaster and Google Analytics to maximise its full potential.
  • Google Webmaster Tools – integrates search keyword data from Google Search Console. Track performance for search queries, including clicks, impressions and rankings.  
  • Google Analytics – measures website traffic, traffic sources and conversion data. Also lets you monitor campaign analytics, such as visits, engagement, keywords and landing pages.
  • Email metrics – track your email campaigns and metrics.
  • Keyword Manager – store and organize all of your keyword data in one place. Lets you compare ranking with Google Analytics and AdWords data, organize and report data based on tags, filters or metrics.
  • SEO tools:
    • Site Auditor – get an analysis of engine visibility, page speed images (desktop and mobile), missing meta description, missing images and more.
    • Keyword Ranking – generate reports on your rankings in Google and Bing for specific search terms such as impressions, click through rates, visits etc.
    • Site Finder – analyse the highest-ranking sites for any keyword.
  • Content Marketing – strategically plan, develop and post content. Create effective content with built-in SEO and readability analyser.
  • CRM (customer relationship manager) tool - enables you to keep track of all your customers’ social media accounts and assign recurring tasks.
  • PPC (pay per click) section integrates with Google AdWords tracking the performance of AdWords campaigns. Giving you information such as impressions, clicks, conversions and so forth.
  • Reports – The most important section! This section builds, automates and stores custom campaign reports perfect for showing your clients.

How does it compare to its competition?

Raven Tools vs Moz

Moz is great as an educational portal for SEO. Moz provides lots of materials for studying. Moz as a software toolkit is less useful, lacks focus and is limited. It is limited in terms of how many keywords or websites you can track, how many links you can find or what Search Engines you can target. 

SEO Raven Tools’ Benefits to Agencies 

If you are a marketing agency, this tool can be very useful when managing several accounts at any one time. Read on to find out how.

More Efficient Workflow

A single, central location for everything greatly improves productivity.

Instant Reports

Raventools gives you detailed online marketing reports about all your clients. It produces professional, branded reports for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media and AdWords PPC (Pay Per Click) within minutes, showing clients how you have helped them succeed. 

Reports are 100% customised based on the needs of the client/project. These reports can be scheduled Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly.

Widget Dashboard

Raven’s “widget” based dashboard is a great tool for easily selecting data your client would like in their report. This is useful because each of your clients have different reasons for their digital marketing campaigns.

Software Integration

Raven has the capability to incorporate information and messages from Basecamp, MailChimp and so on inside the system.

FDC Leicester is proud to be a Google Partner. We have industry expertise in all Google software products. If you would like to find out more about how we use Raventools, give us a call on 01164 244 244 or send us a message.


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