8 February 2016


How Google works as a Search Engine

The importance of keywords from the browser’s perspective.

This month at FDC is Google month – we’re going to be focusing on telling you everything you need to know about Google and, ultimately, how Google can help your business make money.

When used properly, Google is probably the most powerful E-Commerce tool. With 95% of all internet searches being performed on Google every day, it’s no wonder that every Digital Marketing Agency really listens to what they have to say.

Here at FDC, however, we have an especially important relationship with Google, as we are Google Partners. This means we can help you work with Google to ensure you get the best out of your business online.
From SEO to monitoring the performance of your website, they have it all covered, and we use everything Google have to offer to make sure you’re covered too. But to understand what Google can do, we first have to understand how Google operates from the browser’s perspective and this isn’t always as simple as it may seem on the surface.

The seamlessness of Google operation forces many into forgetting that Google is not a human, but a machine. It’s a Search Engine that understands us and our needs so well, that we have all started relying on it more and more every day. But we really shouldn’t forget that although we may have a bond with Google, it is only made of mathematical algorithms and really doesn’t actually understand words.

The purpose of any Search Engine is to first match what the browser is looking for to the billions of material out there on the internet. For instance, say you were searching for the term “shoes with heels”. Google simply processes this phrase as a sequence of numbers. Each website is also technically made using a sequence of codes, letters and numbers. It is Google’s job to match the same sequence of numbers in the search term with that of the websites. But of course, in order to do this, the website needs to have the relevant words in it in the first place.

The second step that Google takes is to rank the websites that are applicable (or have provided a match) by relevance, popularity and trustworthiness.

It is this aspect of a Search Engine that can make all the difference to how your website performs. It is a proven fact that the top 3 results for any search are the most viewed. Think about what you do – how rarely, if ever, do you decide you want to go to the next page or even scroll down once you’ve made a search?

The ultimate goal for Google is to provide a service that is user friendly and this is why it is so easy and efficient to browse using Google. Using various techniques that have been proven to work with Google, we can ensure that over time, your website will climb the ranks. We make sure that Google recognises that your website is relevant. We ensure that each of the pages on your website are keyword dense. This means that for any search term that is relevant to your site, Google will recognise your site matches the search term.

We also employ various techniques to ensure Google deems your website, and company as trustworthy. This includes registering your site on Google places, so Google knows exactly where your company is located, and then embedding that information into your site.

Doing both of the above, in conjunction with marketing your website will ensure that your website is also popular i.e. a lot of browsers visit it. This then turns into a self-perpetual cycle whereby the popularity of your site enables Google to rank you higher so your site becomes even more popular.

Of course, all of this comes with consistent work on our part and we make sure we do all of it for our clients so they can focus on their business. In fact, we also make sure they get regular updates and reports so they know exactly what we are doing to help them.

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