11 February 2016


How Google Drive and Youtube Can Drive Your Business Forward

When we think of Google, we think of Search Engine. Very rarely do we stop and think about the other services that Google has to offer, such as Gmail and even Youtube. Having your own website is one thing, but organizing yourself and broadcasting your brand is something else totally.

This is where Google Drive comes in. If you have a Google account, you have access to Google Drive and a whole host of features that a lot of people are unaware of. As well as having the standard features such as changing account settings to suit you and your needs, Google drive provides a fast-track to the Google Search Bar, Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail, Calendar, Google+ and more.

Perhaps the most useful element of having a Google account is Google Drive, where you can make your own word documents, presentations and spreadsheet documents, which automatically save as you type so you don’t have to worry about systems or computers crashing and you losing all of your unsaved work.

Google Drive also makes the sharing of these documents easy so if you are working as a small company, having a Gmail account can be very beneficial in order to communicate quickly and effectively. In fact, with Hangouts also available to so you can live chat, Google has ensured that there is no way you can blame anything on faulty communication!

But organizing yourself so your business and website workings are orderly is not enough. Marketing your brand and company is also vital and many successful companies are now using videos to do that. With billions of people searching videos through Youtube every single day, brand exposure is limitless. Not only can you have paid ads for your company before a video begins, but you can create a Youtube account and make videos about your company.

There are many editing tools out there that can help you post good quality videos online and they are not all expensive. Youtube has its own editor if you are just starting off but, if you want to jump into new waters headfirst, or are more experienced with creating video content already, there are also a wide range of independent editing tools such as Techradar and Mashable.

Interacting with potential customers in this way ensures that you are conveying the correct message regarding your brand image and people identify with your company on a more personal level so they feel more comfortable purchasing from you or interacting with you. In addition, with an endless amount of possibilities on what kinds of things you can make videos about, there are sure to be people who will find your material useful, as long as it is engaging and informative or simply just fun. You can get more information on how we can help you generate ideas and content for videos through our Contact FDC page.

But what makes these features truly great is not just the single elements of a Google or Youtube account, but the fact that all the single elements are interlinked and work in synergy to facilitate your business. With everything all in one place, you don’t need to waste time clicking and typing here there and everywhere to access all your account features. You can stay with your one account, filter through your emails and keep track of all your online documents and Youtube videos whatever these may be.

So, what’s the moral of the story (or blog in this case)? Google does not just help your business by being a Search Engine – it is much, much more, and having a Google and Youtube account is one of the many important ways in which you can use the Digital World to your company’s advantage.

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