15 February 2016


Google Webmaster as an effective tool – Part 2

How can the features on Google Webmaster help you and your website?

In the previous blog, we looked at what Google Webmaster was and the kinds of features it had and, although this is interesting to know, the main questions a lot of business owners/website administrators ask are:

Why are all of these features so useful and how can Google Webmaster help my business?

Well firstly, it is important to note that Google Webmaster is created by Google, so in terms of SEO, there is nothing more perfectly tailored to telling you how to mould your website so Google reads it best.

In a general sense, Google Webmaster has everything all in one place. Whether this is Gmail integration, Google Drive, or Google calendar. This means that as well as controlling and monitoring several technical aspects of your website, you can also organize yourself simultaneously. If you see a problem that needs to be resolved for example, you can email the relevant person or, if it’s something you can resolve yourself, even put a reminder in your calendar.

Secondly, Google Webmaster is essentially a tool that enables you to view errors in your website. What does this mean? Well, again, in a general sense the first step in resolving an issue is finding the issues in the first place. What makes Google Webmaster so great is that it identifies the issues so you don’t have to. Although many users take this for granted, make sure you don’t. Can you imagine how time consuming it would otherwise be to identify all the errors within your website? This, together with the fact that all of them are in one place means resolving these issues is made significantly easier through the utilization of this tool.

It’s also important not to underestimate the power of statistics. Statistical information on when your website is crawled the most can help you make vital decisions such as when to perform maintenance work on your website or when to promote offers or special events. In addition, viewing the statistics in this manner can also help you see how certain changes you have already implemented are affecting your website and to what extent, thus enabling you to funnel your decisions in the correct direction based on what your users (and Google) are looking for.

Google Webmaster can be used for a whole host of functions ranging from the most basic yet important of functions, such as making sure that Google can access your content, to controlling which pages are seen by browsers or used. However, the ultimate aim for Google Webmaster is to allow the website owner or designer to see the website through the browser’s perspective. Why is this so important? Well, Google states that in order to rank highly, the website should focus primarily on the user experience, rather than how the Search Engine interprets the site – after all, Google bases results mainly on how popular and well-liked a site is and, although the latter is important in reference to the technical elements of the website, seeing the website from the user’s perspective will help you make any necessary changes and improvements.

With so many searches being performed each day, and so many possible searches that are applicable to your website, it is hard to know which keywords to really focus on and to see which queries are causing the most traffic to your website. By seeing this, you are able to integrate your website content and functionality to match the users which, in turn would increase the traffic to your site.

What about when you are doing something wrong? Well, Google Webmaster allows you to see if your website is coming up in the search results for certain search terms in the first place. If not, you know that whatever you are doing is not working and efforts need to be focused in other ways in order to ensure that you are getting the results you want.

Let’s not forget that we are in a digital era. Part of this means being attached to our phones in a way that would have been unheard of even just 5 years ago. Google Webmaster allows you to see how your mobile site is performing thus enabling you to make any improvements that you may need. This again focuses on the user experience and is geared towards ensuring that people are happy with the quality of sites – after all, the quality of the sites that Google brings p is ultimately a reflection of Google itself.

The main thing to remember is this – Google has your best interests at heart because it is also going to be beneficial to them in the long run therefore if they are offering free tools that allow you to carry out a whole variety of functions more easily, it is definitely something worth taking advantage of.

We at FDC use Google Webmaster after creating your website to ensure you get weekly reports on how your website is performing. In other words, we do the hard work for you so all you need to do is see how what we do is helping your business succeed online. For a free consultation, visit our website.


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