29 February 2016


Google MyBusiness – Integrate location, reviews and your website with one program

Google MyBusiness is a Google-invented program that allows seamless integration of your website with your location on Google Maps and the reviews that people have given your business. But how can you use it to the best of its ability and what can it do for your business?

What is Google MyBusiness?

Google MyBusiness is a program that was invented by Google to enable website owners to list Google in Google places and enable people to see reviews on it. When you type something into the Google Search Engine query box, the result you get from utilizing Google MyBusiness appearts in a list formation.

If you type the name of the company you are interested in finding out more about directly in the Search Query box, the result will appear on the right hand side of the page with pictures of your business, star ratings (if you have any) and contact details. 

By making sure that your MyBusiness account is updated, you are providing accurate, reliable information about your business for users easily and efficiently. After all, no one likes to spend ages trying to find what they are looking for!

Why is it important to use Google MyBusiness?

Google MyBusiness is essential these days if you want to really make sure you are getting the best out of your website. Whether the purpose of your website is to sell something or simply to inform people of your services so that they have a means to contact you, Google MyBusiness is a completely invaluable tool that can be used to help you get to where you want to be in the Digital world.

The best bit? If you get on the Google MyBusiness bandwagon right now, you will outdo your competitors and ensure that you are going the extra mile and setting yourself apart from your rivals immediately.

The first thing people want to know is why that particular business is ranked so highly compared to others. What makes it so special? Giving people the opportunity to access reviews for your company easily lets them know you are trustworthy, reliable and, more than anything willing to go that extra mile to have the reviews on there for people to see. This transparency is what attracts customers the most.

But Google MyBusiness is important for more than just user experience. It is a well-known fact that Google really takes Google Places integration into account to check the reliability of your business. This is why Google MyBusiness is important as part of the process that lets it know you are a real company, with a real location and with real people giving you positive feedback for the services you provide. Remember, Google ranks websites based on trustworthiness and user experience so Google MyBusiness is the perfect platform for you to show your business and website off to Google itself, using a Google made product!

In addition, Google MyBusiness allows your business to show up across several devices, meaning that in an era where mobile phones are utilized as the primary device for making searches online daily, this is more important than ever.

The main take home message

The main message to take from this is that Google MyBusiness plays a vital role in making your business known to be authentic and trustworthy. Ultimately, the era of basic SEO has long gone, and been replaced with a far more sophisticated, integrated system with several elements that interlink being vital to helping your business stand a chance online. To find out about how FDC use Google MyBusiness and other Google programs to help you achieve your goals through various Digital Marketing techniques, book a free consultation with us or call us on 01164 244 244.

Google MyBusiness – Integrate location, reviews and your website with one program


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