10 February 2016


Google Analytics Explained - Part 2

In Part 1 you read about what Google Analytics is and some of its features. This blog will help you understand how it can help your business.

Google Analytics doesn’t just provide businesses like yourself with in-depth website insight, it is a valuable tool for the commercial success of your business too.

How does it benefit your business and how to maximise your marketing?

  • Understand and target your visitors: Monitoring your visitors – geographical location, their demographics and behavioural patterns will let you determine and understand more about who your target audience is and therefore provides a great way to target a specific audience who are more interested in your products.
  • Use the data to create or optimise your landing pages and website content to better serve your customers.
  • Learn more about where your ecommerce revenue comes from, which products generate the most revenue as well as the top traffic sources that are sending visitors to your site to make purchases thus helping you re-evalute the areas needed. 
  • Finding how visitors access your site (mobile, tablet, PC etc): can help determine how your website should be optimised for your consumers and to maximise your ROI.
  • Find out where visitors are abandoning their shopping cart and if it is a recurring pattern: this will help understand what changes need to be made to help drive visitors to complete their purchases.
  • Measure your sales: products that sell/don’t sell, average order value, number of conversions – This information can be valuable to your business. It can help you understand your product range and most importantly understand your stock levels.
  • Product integration: Can integrate with AdWords and AdSense to gain a deeper insight into how your ads and campaigns are performing and thus allowing you to make necessary changes. Whilst AdSense can also help you understand the best possible positions to display your ads.
  • Social Media: If you spend hours posting on Pinterest, but it only sends a few visitors a month whereas you spend little time on Facebook and sends more visitors to yours site, evaluate your spending time accordingly.
  • Bounce Rate: If you have a high bounce rate (percentage of readers who only visit one page in their session) you may need to understand why. Evaluate the possibilities such as poorly designed website, slow page load times, poor content and so forth. Make changes accordingly.

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To conclude, Google Analytics has endless benefits and is a great tool if you are a goal driven company that wants to track and measure results and if you are willing to change direction to enhance effectiveness to your business. It is great to do more of the things that work or re-evaluate the things that don’t.

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