19 February 2016


Google AdWords the Basics Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog we spoke about what Google AdWords is, how it works and how you can set it up. This blog explains the benefits of using Google AdWords and how it can help your business.

Benefits: Why use Google AdWords?

  1. Get your business found: Adwords can help bring more visitors to your site, increasing traffic and thus growing your online sales.

  2. Advertise where you want: It allows you to specifically target your ads to customers demographically. Whether that means targeting your audience in certain countries, regions or cities. It could also be within a set distance from where you are located.

  3. Right people right time: With AdWords you have an increased chance of your business being found by people on Google precisely when they are searching for the things that you offer.
  4. Measureable, accountable, flexible: With AdWords you can easily see how many people are noticing your ads and from those, what percentage of people click to visit your website or call you. AdWords provides a range of tracking tools which allows you to even see the actual sales your website is generating which have resulted from your ads only. You can even set and track your own goals and see what keyword is performing best. How interesting?

  5. Target specific searches: Keywords! What is a keyword and why is it important? A keyword is a word or phrase that is specifically used to match with your ads in relation to what people are searching for. High quality and relevant keywords are a must as Google will rank your add and therefore very important. It enables you to directly reach your target audience. It is important to think like your customer!

  6. Retarget and follow: You visit a site and you browse on it for a short period of time, then leave. Suddenly you keep seeing ads for that company or the page you recently viewed. That’s retargeting. What Google AdWords allows you to do is target your ads and follow these customers on Google Display Networks. If they were interested enough to visit your site initially, with your brand taking over their search they are sure to return again!

  7. Reach your Mobile customer where they are: With AdWords you will have lots of options for mobile optimisation, allowing you to target and reach nearby customers. When users search for a particular place nearby, your mobile optimised ad will show up first, and you’ve made your sale!

  8. Control your own budget: The best thing about it all is that you can set your budget for each ad you run-and you can change it whenever you want! If your ad is performing particularly well you can increase your results by increasing your ad spend. If it’s not doing so well, decrease the ad spend or stop it! Simple as!

Google AdWords is seen as one of the best ways to reach your prospective customers, increase and drive traffic to your business and finally increase sales!

And guess what? Google has rolled out an AdWords app so you can manage most of your campaign activities whilst you’re on the go! It will let you monitor campaign performance like clicks and CPC, update bids and budgets and get real-time alerts and notifications. How awesome is that?

So if you want to try Google AdWords but don’t know where to start, worry not. Contact one of our team members here at FDC Leicester today on 01164 244 244 or alternatively click here to receive a call back and we will get you started.


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