14 April 2016


Changes to Google Chrome 51

For several months now Google has been making efforts to have Material Design on Chrome and it seems that the closer they get to completing the project, the quicker they are working towards finishing it!

Designed for web design in particular, Chrome Canary 51 can be downloaded if you just can’t wait to get the real deal, so that you can experience some of the expected features and functionalities.

So what are the changes you can expect to see in the new browser?

Well, for starters, the Hamburger button will disappear, and instead it will feature 3 dots in red, orange and green, in order to make the design of the website more mobile responsive.

The overhaul is more translucent in colour, similar to that of Safari and the new tab bar adapts to the background of what you’re browsing, even if it is a video!

Some of the other changes include an incognito mode in all black so that you can be absolutely sure you are browsing privately. However, even in the incognito mode, it’s possible for you to see the theme you have chosen for your browser.

Other changes are also underway including history, favourites and bookmarks features but with the main browser available to the public being 49, Chrome 51 is still a little bit of a wait away and is due to be released in April.

So, although not all the changes have been implemented yet, it’s easy to foresee that this Google product, like so many others won’t fail to impress and we here at FDC are very excited to see the new features that are going to be available!

Changes to Google Chrome 51


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