12 August 2016


Why Magento 2 is Likely to Win against Shopify in the E-Commerce Battle?

The launch of Magento 2 has given tough competition to various online platforms. For web developers, businesspersons and owners, it has become harder to choose the right platform for their online store. Various platforms offer different things and it is not easy to choose the best one for you based on your needs. Each of the options has their personal set of pros and cons. Let’s check whose going to win this e-commerce battle!

Magento 2 Vs Shoplift

Currently, Shopify and Magento 2 are the two of the most popular options for online shopping websites. Although both of the choices are quite similar, there are also many differences between the two. Magento 2 gives a more professional, serious and business look. Shopify is colorful, brighter and quicker. Magento 2 appears more mature than Shopify which is still struggling to follow certain standards of e-commerce market. Comparing the two leading platforms for business websites today is one of the best ways make a practical decision.

Design and Web Interface

The design and interface of Magento 2 is much more appealing than Shopify. However, it can also be a little more confusing for first time users. Although quick, Shopify lacks that professional appeal and mannerism.

To understand Magento 2 better, you might need to go through some tutorial sections. But once you have learned how to operate the system, it will be very easy and fun to use Magento 2. In comparison to Shopify, it offers better options to customise to suit your individual needs. It is also easier to update your website using Magento 2. You can easily integrate your website store with eBay and other software.

Cost Effectiveness

Price is one of the biggest differentiation factors when it comes to any product. Comparing the two, Magento 2 is a better option because of professional design, less price and faster speed. You can get different pricing plans at Shopify and go for the one depending on your range.

Magento 2 also offers multiple pricing options. However, they don’t have any additional transaction fees. There are no hidden or extra charges as well.

Built-in Features

Magento 2, like previous versions of Magento, has a range of built-in features. You can easily add them if you need. However, Shopify requires you to purchase any additional element you want in your website. This is one of the reasons that make Magento 2 cost effective. It also provides complete value for the money you spend.

Considering the factors mentioned above, there is no doubt that Magento 2 is currently winning this market battle. With availability of superior features, attractive pricing options and better user interface, Magento 2 is highly popular among web designers and online shop owners.

Why Magento 2 is Likely to Win against  Shopify in the E-Commerce Battle?


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