9 September 2016


What Makes Magento 2 a Robust E- Commerce Platform for B2B Businesses?

The application of Magneto 2 towards the development of B2C businesses is already popular in the world of E-commerce. However, the predicted forecast of Econsultancy suggests that the market for B2B businesses is soon going to be double the size of B2C market. So, is Magneto 2 characteristically designed to not only conquer the B2C market but also the B2B market? Let’s see.

Covering the B2B E-commerce Basics Through Magento

The success to a B2B e-commerce website is built on proper, well-defined structuring of pricing, ordering, and fulfillment operations. The ability of Magento 2 to allow B2B site-developers to establish different data for every catalog and content helps them to cover the basics of B2B e-commerce pretty well as they get to tailor everything specifically and in detail. Furthermore, with its inherited features of currency conversion and the ability to exhibit different languages on its frontend, international sales can be augmented. All this can be controlled by the developers through the Admin Panel.

Presenting Your Product

In order to be attractive to buyers, presentation of your products plays a key role. Conventional methods of categorisation need to be abandoned as trade buyers look for more refined categorisation techniques when buying or navigating for a product. Magento 2 provides us with the ability to tailor these category pages and customise the view of different list as per the convenience of trade buyers.

Customers Are Demanding More

Many B2B customers like to have an option of wishlist that they can utilise and they will also request for quotes prior to placing an order. With a third party module from “cart2quote”, you can take care of such demands in Magento 2.

Revisiting the History

No one likes to navigate through the entire website on a product that they have previously purchased. Through the “my orders” page on Magento 2, you can let customers scroll through their purchase history and assist them with repetitive purchases when they need it.

I Will Decide!

Some B2B customers want the goods to be delivered on the date, they think of as appropriate. Through the utilisation of some popular extensions on Magento 2, you can allow your customers the convenience of selecting a date that they want to have their good delivered on.

I Need to Know Everything

B2B customers not only want the website to be appealing, sectioned and user-friendly but they also want to know everything about the product before buying it. With the content management system of Magento 2 you can integrate anything with your product description to allow them to know more about the product. This could be memorial reviews, case studies, videos as well as an integrated blog.

Building Your Customer Base

Acquiring a customer is the object of any business. Through the SEO management and email marketing system of Magento 2, you can attract plenty of customers and ensure that you not only attract them but acquire them.

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What Makes Magento 2 a Robust E-  Commerce Platform for B2B Businesses?


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