28 September 2016


The Top 4 Advantages of Magento 2 for Web Developers

Magento 2 is the new and more powerful ecommerce platform that is simply a delight for web developers. It is a platform based on PHP language that works by using an open source code. The open source nature of this language ensures that it can work for developers who are always looking to give more thought to the actual working of an online store and do not want to spend time defining the basic web structure.

Good web developers can gain many advantages by employing Magento 2 and here, we explain some of these:

1. Open Source

Once again, we stress that Magento 2 is an open source program. This is a very important advantage for good web developers who have the knowledge of web programming languages. They can then build a custom structure around the main module of a website already available with the ecommerce platform. This practice creates more powerful solutions and also allows others to improve on the current design.

The overall costs are also reduced by open source software. Good web developers employ the various free tools and extensions that are available for use due to the open nature of the main platform for creating an online store. Users can also enjoy improved security and better functions because it is very easy to find problems in individual functions and improve upon them.

2. Mobile Websites

Good web developers these days are always looking to find website solutions that work equally well on desktops as well as smart phones. Smart phones have their processing and screen limitations and therefore mobile websites require a robust structure.

Magento 2 has unique tools available from different vendors that allow developers to truly create wonderful sites that are fully functional even when accessed from a mobile phone. This is an important advantage because modern research shows that more and more people around the world are now buying online from their mobile phones rather than accessing the internet from fixed locations.

3. Creating Multiple Systems

A single manufacturing company may sometimes produce different product lines and would want a single and simple backend system to control their multiple online stores. Magento 2 makes it possible for good web developers to create a system of multiple stores that are attached to a single controlling system at the back.

The creation of multiple systems require greater resources, but have the added benefit of having controls at a single point which is often beneficial for the parent company. This is in fact a great option for an IT support company that can keep many clients and run their online operations from a single source of web servers and support systems.

4. Mobile Apps

The latest trend for online businesses is to create and use mobile apps that allow customers to directly connect with business and make purchases. Online apps are fast and do not require the common functionality required to work on a mobile browser. Magento 2 can be used to create great mobile apps. Good web developers around the world are now using this wonderful ecommerce platform and ensuring that companies can enjoy an advantage in the competitive world of internet stores and service providers.

These are the top four advantages that are offered by Magento 2 to web developers who are always looking to provide better working solutions to their clients.

The Top 4 Advantages of Magento 2 for Web Developers


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