1 February 2016


Small Tweaks To Increase Your eCommerce Website Conversion Rates

You’re a recently established business. You have been in the market for a reasonably long time now and you are promoting and marketing your business really well, you are fully utilising social media campaigns, you are even sending out emails, but for some reason your website is just not giving you a good ROI. Ask yourself why!

You may be generating plenty of web traffic but you just can’t seem to convert the online views and turn them into online purchases!

What is conversion rate?

A conversion rate is simply what measures the percentage of visitors who take a desired action on your eCommerce site, such as customers making a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter or fill in a contact form.

For example, if you have 5,000 visitors a month, but only 20 make a purchase, you have a 0.4% conversion rate (20 / 5000 x 100 = 0.4%), which is significantly low.

So, what is a good conversion rate?

Understanding what a good rate is, is fairly difficult to answer. It depends on many factors such as what you want your visitors to do, the products you're ‘selling’ and the industry you are in. For some people 4% may be considered good, however for others it may be terrible.

The best place to start is with your current rate, the importance is trying to improve it. Conversion rates don’t just change overnight, so as long as you gradually do what you can, you will eventually see an increase.

How do I improve my conversion rate?

Below are just some of the many things that will get your website's heart pumping faster.  

Increasing Image Quality

The one thing that would catch my eye as soon as I enter a website, is the image. If the image is not clear, then I am out. Having a great website, but not great pictures will only just turn away any potential customers. Therefore it is essential that you have top quality images of the products that you are trying to sell.

Just like in a shop you would try before you buy, eCommerce websites have the same concept. People want to see what they are getting before making the purchase. A superway way to boost your eCommerce conversion rates is by having high quality, high definition photo’s of your products. It’s all about showing the products from different angles, make them zoomable and in context. You can never have too many pictures

Optimising Your Product Content

To any image a good product copy is essential. Make your product more desirable than your competitions. First and foremost, it is important to detail the key features and benefits of the product with a creative twist that reflects your company’s tone.

As product copy does have a limit of characters it is important to include keywords that best describe what you are selling to maximise your conversion rate. Ensuring informative (not boring) consistent messages. Basically you want to persuade your target audience! Page content should be unique, compelling and relevant to the product or category you are selling.

Make Your eCommerce Website User-Friendly

I know when I go onto a website, I don’t want to spend ages trying to figure out how to use it. I want it to be straightforward and easy. I want all the information I need right there on the pages, such as knowing the delivery costs, different colour and size options, additional charges etc. I don’t want to fill my basket with all my goodies only to find out at the checkout that  have to pay 10 for delivery. Visitors like to use websites which are easy to understand and which relay information from the very start.

These are some of the reasons shoppers will abandon their basket and leave your eCommerce site. So as long as you do the above and more, you will no doubt see an increase in your conversion rate.

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