14 September 2016


Scalability Gains with Magento 2 - A Myth or Reality?

It is not a myth!

The new Magento 2 comes with scalability gains and better performance. In addition, a number of new additions, features, and upgrades make this software an outstanding one. In terms of scalability, there is an option to allocate multiple admin users who can can generate, edit, and review the products without causing any conflict in the data. What’s more, there is also a full-page caching that can assist in boosting the web loading speed and performance, and reducing the load on the server.

With Magento 2, you can handle 39% more orders on hourly basis with instant server response. With faster promotion and simpler upgrading, Magento 2 also has modern functionality and offers better performance.

Mentioned below are some of the features that come with scalability gains.

1. Client Friendly

To make a site client friendly, one of the most important factors is the page load time. The lower the page load time, greater will be the engagement of the customer with the website, and higher will be the conversion rates. By reducing the page weight, you can boost the page load time and offer your customers an outstanding experience. Your web development and visual design will determine data that is being used on the web page. For that purpose, Magento 2 has numerous optimisation options that will assist in decreasing the page weight and recovering the response time.

2. Improved Job Queue

Another aspect that represents scalability improvement is job queue. Based on Rabbit MQ, you can process the job asynchronously with job queue. When there is a capacity, the queue workers can pull jobs present on the queue. They can operate the system by using separate server resources that are on the Magento application servers. This way, the optimisation of two environments for their loads will take place.

3. Better Database

For the enhancement of scalability on the Magento 2, there were many modifications made to the application database tier. These modifications assist in managing the transactions and high traffic on the page. For different areas of application or sub-systems, different database is used. So there is a master database for product data, checkout, and orders, which can be broken down to separate databases. The master databases can have multiple sub databases. To manage zenith loads, there is higher database flexibility and scalability.

4. Enhancement in Overall Performance

As the scalability improves, the response time of add-to-cart server is 66% faster, whereas the end-to-end checkout is 51% quicker. You will also get an instantaneous server response on Magento 2.

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Scalability Gains with Magento 2 - A  Myth or Reality?


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