26 September 2016


Magento creates the best web customisations

Magento 2 is the new ecommerce platform that is based on PHP programming language. It is an open source platform and it has the appeal, especially for creating online stores. Magento 2 is packed with new options and extensions, while also providing the tried and tested panel options present in its earlier version. Web developers are truly appreciating the power of the new platform for creating custom ecommerce websites.

Magento 2 allows developers to work on creating unique websites that can beat the competition. There are many elements in the platform that are especially geared towards creating the best web customisations. Here are a few elements that especially allow web developers to create excellent websites using the platform.

Customised Page Settings

Magento 2 allows most of the content settings to be set according to customised needs. These sets include the manual settings of the Meta data and ensuring that URL naming schemes on the internal pages remain true in a setting that best suits a particular industry. The input of the clients can also be allowed in this regard using this excellent platform which makes it possible to always prepare custom ecommerce websites.

The custom settings also include the settings of product image URLs and also the application of policies in terms of the way information is stored in the website’s robots.txt. There are also great options for creating custom themes and modules which can then be used to create multiple websites by using the tools available in the platform.

Better Admin Panel

It is important to have better access to tools and related information when you want to create the best custom ecommerce websites. The reinforced admin panel available with Magento 2 truly empowers developers and allows them to truly create wonderful web solutions for their clients.

Magento 2 is really gaining popularity in terms of offering a better interface to professionals. This in turn is empowering the professionals into creating the best solutions that they can for their clients which are often online businesses and stores.

Better Testing Facilities

Magento 2 has truly wonderful testing facilities and documentation options that make it ideal for creating custom ecommerce websites. Online stores often require a lot of coding and there are many elements and backend database management that needs to be programmed for them. There is always a possibility of getting errors on the website and then spending a lot of time trying to remove the errors.

The best custom ecommerce websites can now be created using this excellent platform. It allows comprehensive testing that ensures that amazing quality can be presented in the websites in one go before they are tested online. Very few bugs therefore appear when the website goes live and the clients are happy with the developers.

Better Integration

Magento 2 offers better integration among different themes and extensions used to create an online store. There is an excellent connection between the server and the client side. There are also speed benefits when designing custom ecommerce websites using this platform.

It can often be difficult to choose your ecommerce platform. We at FDC Studio ensure that clients are satisfied with custom online stores created using Magento 2.

Magento creates the best web customisations


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