14 September 2016


Is Magento 2 Suitable for Small Merchants?

A lot of time, we overlook the importance of choosing the ideal platform for websites. It can really be a game changer in the e-commerce world. Web design or e-commerce and marketing strategy that suits small businesses will not necessarily be ideal for big enterprises. One such platform that is widely used by all kinds of businesses, regardless of size and nature, is Magento 2.

Magento 2 is the updated and advanced version of Magento. There has been a number of debate on whether switching to the new version is the right decision or not, especially for smaller businesses. Some seem to think that Magento 2 is suitable for small merchants, whereas some tend to think it is best for everyone. Here are some points that show that it suitable for small to mid merchants.

1. Greater Flexibility

If you are running a small business and looking for flexibility to build your business online, Magento 2 will be the right choice for you. Here, you can effortlessly customise the layout. The speed at which the page loads and customers interact with the website is faster. What’s more, the connection and operation with the third party solution is easier with the proficient APIs. You can also make use of different themes for different products in the catalogue and transform your online store.

2. Unique Approach

With responsive designs and personalisation, Magento 2 offers extraordinary customer experience to the customers of small businesses. With this software, you can develop a responsive site and boost the sales of your products. You can also add videos to market your product in an advance manner and boost the conversion rates on the website with fewer efforts. Magento 2 also let you create an account of the customer who made a purchase from you for future references with just a click.

3. Future Growth

If your vision is the growth of your business, Magento 2 can help you achieve that without extending the team. What’s more, the software is easy to learn so you do not have to worry about new team members not understanding the basics. Moreover, it comprises of better tools that are working to boost the growth and sales as much as it can, and optimise the website. Putting up the new product is also faster and easier with this platform.

4. Cost-Effective Upgrade

Not only it offers the fastest host, it is also falls within the limited budget of most SMBs. The technicians manage the servers expertly. The upgrades are simples, and the maintenance cost of this software is affordable. This means, you can add new features to it whenever you want and enhance the performance of the website.

FDC Studio can assist you in creating an outclass web design on Magento 2 for your small business website that will boost your sales and make you a bigger enterprise in no time.

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