27 September 2016


Magento 2 Perks for a winning E-commerce solution

Magento 2 is a truly superior ecommerce platform that allows developers to create the best custom solutions in terms of creating online stores and other shopping applications. The platform has already established itself around the world with its first version, but it aims to truly beat the competition with this even better version. There are so many powerful tools, extensions and templates in Magento 2 that allow it to create winning ecommerce solutions. Here, we aim to take a look at some of the top Magento 2 perks that can create the best application for an ecommerce business.

Better Technology Stacks

Magento 2 comes up with an improved collection of technology stacks. These stacks are able to provide better support when developing different options for ecommerce businesses. The tools that are available with it are perfect for creating winning ecommerce solutions. They are also up to the far when compared with the current industry standards as well as with its rival options.

Magento 2 technology stacks are perfect because they have been updated according to the requirements on online businesses that often require the use of multiple tools on their web stores for creating the best functionality.

Expert Customisation

The right customisation is the key to ensuring success when creating ecommerce business solutions. Now software suite in the world can offer from the book solutions and it is often important to ensure that custom modules are prepared that cater to the needs of the clients. Magento 2 allows for perfectly streamlined customisations that can be swiftly entered through the traditional system for creating a solution.

Better Cache

One of the Magento 2 perks lies in its ability to ensure that heavy pages filled with content can quickly execute and open with all types of browsers. This requires better cache functions that are implemented properly in the structure of this excellent ecommerce platform. The winning ecommerce solutions are all based on implementing speed, especially in web based applications.


Magento 2 is a wonderful platform in terms of its scalability. It is essential to plan scalability options when designing ecommerce applications and websites. Magento 2 includes many templates that simply allow for easier expansions in the working software. There are cache options that allow for future improvements ensuring that a web store designed for this platform can be consistently updated in the near future.

Foreign Integration

This wonderful ecommerce platform allows the installation and implementation of various third party tools. It is designed using PHP and this allows it to accept all plug-ins that are designed according to this language.

There are numerous foreign elements that easily integrate into this working platform. They are then implemented by expert web developers into web solutions and allow online businesses to truly benefit from the advantages gained from using individual tools and extensions.

Testing Resources

Magento 2 is excellent at creating winning ecommerce solutions because it allows for the use of testing resources. These tests can easily be carried out in order to find how different website modules are performing in order to improve the further.

Magento 2 often produces solutions that are free from bugs because of the implementation of testing facilities as well as supporting documentation. It also allows for more flexibility in terms of introducing the backend elements such as filing and storage requirements.

There are many solutions at FDC Studio that are available on this excellent platform and help online stores in getting the benefits of the latest software elements.

Magento 2 Perks for a winning E-commerce solution


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