18 August 2016


Magento 2 Offers Improved Performance - What the Hype is All About?

Considered to be one of the best e-commerce platforms to setup online stores, Magento has recently launched its second version known as Magento 2. Released on November 17, 2015, this new design is thought to be one of the best to hit the market yet. It makes the use of PHP language in order to allow online shopping sites to run their businesses smoothly. This is the reason why it dominates the market and e-commerce platforms. Website developers can use not only programming languages but also many other software tools to come up with their websites for their respective businesses.

The question that comes to mind though is this, is the hype about the new Magento 2 really as true as developers claim? Is the new platform truly spectacular with improved performances and removed errors of the past? According to the developers, it has tools that enhance the experience of the visitors of any shopping site, which in turn helps increase sales and revenue for the company. Here is an in depth look into why website developers are so happy with the new and effective Magento 2.

From the perspective of the user experience, it has been clear that Magento 2 has the ability to deal with 39% more orders per hour with delivery response that is instant. This means that more and more people would be able to visit a site without any issue of the site becoming too overloaded or any fear of it crashing.

What’s more, Magento 2 has improved performances when it comes to flexibility, upgrades, cost of ownership and functionality. Its modular architecture and scalability enhancements allows developers as well as users to be more comfortable when navigating around a website.

Magento 2 offers users increased productivity and efficiency for all kinds of backend operations. This way, even if there is certain failure of command, there is another backup plan to maintain the proceedings of the website. It also allows 66% quicker add-to- cart server response time and up to 51% faster checkout time. This again signifies that users of the shopping website would be able to make their purchase a lot faster than what they could have done when using Magento 1.

Al the security issues that existed with Magento 1 have also vanished in the new version because Magento 2 offers the very latest PHP versions like PHP 7. This also has benefits for the web store’s speed.

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Magento 2 Offers Improved  Performance - What the Hype is All  About?


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