26 September 2016


Magento 2 offers amazing Online stores

The new ecommerce platform of Magento 2 is quickly becoming the best option for creating the best online stores. The new platform is faster and smarter than the previous version. It has excellent options for creating visually beautiful websites that have rich content and also function smoothly. Here, we share some of the top features of Magento 2 that are truly turning it into a wonderful platform.

The Extensions

Magento 2 comes packed with a lot of extensions. They are prepared by various development companies and ensure that the development extends to various partner organisations as well. Magento 2 stores can have excellent functions, because various versions and platform tools can be used for creating web based solutions. There are both free and paid extensions that can be used with the Enterprise version of this software tool.

More Community Support

This excellent ecommerce platform comes packed with a lot of themes, tools and additional modules. This is due to the presence of Magento community that is always supporting its brand by sharing their unique solutions for resolving website development issues. More and more extensions are launched by the community which allow developers to create the best online stores.

The community support is also excellent at creating excellent solutions for web problems. Developers can often interact with each other in order to find the solutions to development issues. This powerful support ensures that the platform can be employed for creating the best functioning online stores.


Magento 2 has excellent scalability options. It is especially suited for creating large online stores. There are also options for creating smaller websites that are placed on the cloud services. This flexibility means that many websites prefer to use this wonderful platform, and often prefer it over the other available options.

There are also third party extensions that are in fact, useful for expanding the website by using a modular structure. The platform is very stable and therefore it is easier to quickly launch large online stores prepared using the Magento 2 platform.

Marketing Advantages

This ecommerce platform has all the right tools that are required to promote digital marketing of online stores. All the best online shopping websites are backed by powerful marketing strategies that are implemented both on the website as well as on the other available channels.

Magento 2 is simply a platform that is intrinsically SEO friendly. It is very easy to employ and the use of URL naming and Meta tagging gives it more power and allows websites to quickly reach higher rankings in search engines.

Powerful Dashboard

Magento 2 has a very powerful dashboard that allows the implementation of a lot of tools directly on the website. Online stores can have shopping carts, payment modules, up-sell systems, wish list options and various others that can all be implemented simply from this dashboard. It has an amazing front end power, especially for web developers and this has made it a favourite choice for the community.

You can always contact developers such as FDC Studio for creating the best online stores using the Magento 2 platform.

Magento 2 offers amazing Online stores


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