18 August 2016


Magento 2 Extensions that Make Your Payment Process More Efficient

Extensions are what make life easier for both website users and developers. This is the reason why Magento 2 is considered to be one of the best platforms available for eCommerce and shopping website designers. The following pre-built extensions make payment process a whole lot easier for all the shoppers who visit the shopping website.

Magento 2 Product List

This is perhaps one of the best extensions for shoppers. With the product list you will be able to list the products, visualize them for shoppers and organize them as per need of the website or theme of the business setup. The best part though is that since the extension has its very own widget, it can be placed anywhere, up, down, or sideways on the website. Want to hear something even better? The product list extension is absolutely free.

Magento 2 Auto Search

This is another amazing extension for shoppers as it will make payment mode so much more efficient. With the help of the search taskbar, there is a dropdown of destination options that are present on the website and shoppers will easily be able to search any product they want without having to go through different categories and sections of the website. The quicker the search for the products, the easier and faster the conversions.

Advanced Product Quickviwe

This handy extension has a module that lets customers to see the product and purchase it without having to move from one page to the other. They can do so in a single click without going ahead with the bother or rechecking prices and checking various other things in order to confirm what it is they want to purchase.

Order Comments for Checkout

Order comments for checkout is an extension of Magento 2 that allows the clients or customers to leave any kind of feedback or comment that they want to while they are checking out their purchases. Hence, if there are any views of reviews the clients want to give, they can do so without having to sing in to a different page or relocating the order they purchased on some other web page.

Price Slider

This is one of the best extensions that Magento 2 has introduced. It lets people set the price slider or filter the ones they wish to buy. Since the extension is completely free, there is no fear of usage or hidden costs either. The clients love this extension because they do not have go through each and every category available on the website that they may not know about, or might not be interested in.

This must have gained your interest about all the variety that Magento 2 offers, right? Contact us at FDC studio and we will help you to decide what you need to do in order to own your very own E-store and how to make it client friendly.

Magento 2 Extensions that Make Your  Payment Process More Efficient


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