3 February 2016


Magento – Making E-Commerce Easy

A good quality E-Commerce website means making your e-Commerce store user friendly, search engine friendly and business friendly. We use Magento, an e-Bay owned e-Commerce platform solution that helps integrate all of these elements together so you can create the perfect online store to showcase your products.

How does Magento make a website user friendly?

The best answer to this question is where do I start? Magento is saturated with countless features, all aimed to help your customers get the best online shopping experience.

Magento has several marketing, promotions and conversion tools so you are able to up-sell and cross-sell your products. This means that if your customer is looking for a series of items, your website makes it easier for them to find it. Other features include a persistent shopping cart so customers can retain what they had in their shopping cart if they come out of your website and come back in, and the ability to send wish lists to customers by email. This, along with several other features makes the whole shopping experience more pleasant for the buyer, which means they will want to keep coming back!

A lot of people these days use their mobile phones to browse products or buy online. This is why Magento enables you to have a Mobile version of your site so you can keep up to date with the most important trends and give customers an optimized shopping experience no matter how they chose to shop.

Checkout is one of the make or break stages of the online buying experience. This is why Magento focuses particular well on this aspect by allowing your customers to choose whether they want to pay with PayPal, and saves the customer’s details if they want their details to be saved. Additionally, your website can be integrated with e-Bay, Amazon and Google Checkout, as well as some of the major shipping companies, such as DHL, FedEx and more.

If you are dealing with many orders a day, there may be an occasion or two where you get a complaint or issue. For those times, Magento has a great Customer Service system. Your website will have a contact us form, and be able to customize transactional emails. Your e-Commerce web page also has international support features available.

How does Magento make an e-Commerce website Search Engine friendly?

Magento is known to be 100% Search Engine friendly. It has various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features such as Google Site Map, which makes it easier for Google to crawl your website for content so it recognizes it better when customers perform a search online. In addition, it has an auto-generated popular search terms page feature and Search Engine Friendly URLs so you be confident that this platform works in line with your efforts to achieve the same ultimate goal – more business for you

How does Magento make an e-Commerce website business friendly?

Magento has several features that make it easier for you as the business owner to manage your orders. Just a few of the site management features that you can get include controlling several websites and stores from one account, and the option to share as much information as you want. In addition, you can get a website that is completely customized to your specifications. If you have stores in various countries, Magento also offers the option for you to have webpages in multiple languages and currencies.

Along with site management features, you can also get catalogue management features with simple, configurable, bundled and grouped products, and the option to have the same products listed as different prices for retailers and wholesalers. You can also go into as much detail as you want when describing your product.

One of the most important aspects of having a business is managing orders. With Magento, you have the ability to view, edit, create and fulfil orders. You can create multiple invoices and print invoices, packing slips and shipping labels. To make sure the message reaches you that you have received a new order; you will also have the option to get email notifications of orders. Again, there are several more features which you can find out about by booking a consultation with us.

To really interact with the customer, you will be able to manage various different aspect of their account such as the option to view their order statuses and history, re-order from their account, create a default billing and shipping address, and see their reviewed products.

Other features

At the end of the day, the best way to see the kind of results you are getting is through analysis. This is why integrated analytics and reporting features can be massively useful to you. Through this system, you can get reports on everything ranging from the amount of coupons your clients have used, your total sales, reports on stock levels to reports on search terms and the best purchased products.

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