1 March 2016


Learn the secret to taking your online business to the next level

It’s 2016 and businesses lacking an online presence are struggling to keep up with those that have kept up with the fast-paced growth of the Internet, catering to those who want quick and easy access to pretty much any kind of information you can imagine (you know you’ve searched for those Breaking Bad theories, too!)

Smaller businesses have begun to crack under the pressure and have presumably failed to discover the secret of taking their business to the next level in order to gain new buyers, preserve current customers and beat the competition.

Times have changed again. Simply having a website is not enough to sell your product anymore.

In order to allow your business to survive within this new technological climate, you need to have an effectively designed online store to sell your product with user experience in mind. Without this, your business is almost doomed for failure within a marketplace containing a prospering abundance of online products and services.

So what steps do you need to take to ensure your online place among the stars?

  • Have an online shopfront - it is necessary that in order to be heard amongst the plethora of businesses selling their products and services online, you need to be online. This means creating and designing a website that your audience and potential customers can locate easily.

  • Attract your audience with your design - your design needs to be attractive and effective in order to set itself apart from the high standard of competition with identically impressive ecommerce stores.

  • Allow users to effectively navigate your online store - the content on your website needs to be engaging and users need to be able to locate required information with ease. All functions during the shopping and purchasing processes need to be uncomplicated and effortless for the user.

FDC Studio are experts with a proven track record for creating ecommerce solutions for small to medium sized businesses. A Google Partner based in Leicester, our experience and knowledge in helping our clients get their products and services up for sale online enable us to create a unique, fine-tuned strategy to suit your specific business needs.

We offer a vast range of services, ranging from responsive web design and ecommerce web interfaces to digital marketing strategies through SEO, PPC and social media campaigns.

Don’t get caught up in the tidal current of businesses that never succeeded on the Internet due to poor design and user engagement or simply by not being there. Harness and tap into the great power of selling your products and services on the Internet successfully, reach a wider audience and allow your business to flourish.




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