26 September 2016


Improving Website SEO using Magento 2

Magento 2 is an excellent ecommerce platform that allows marked improvements in the SEO practices of a website. In fact, online stores created on this platform have intrinsic SEO tools. You can install many extensions that are able to keep track of the important keywords and help you identify the places of weak content. This allows you to improve the current SEO situation and ensure that an online store is able to get the right push of marketing that it needs through organic SEO methods.

Magento 2 has even beaten its own previous version as there are countless new tools available in its new enterprise model. It ensures that it can beat the competition. Here are some ways of improving website SEO using the famous platform.

Improved Configuration

Magento 2 offers improved configuration over other options. The configuration elements ensure that it is possible to better track the current state of the SEO services and ensure that you can improve website SEO by rewriting the available URLs and keeping them relevant according to the content that is inserted and advertised on different product pages.

These configurations allow web developers to tackle various issues that are attached to using both local servers and servers hosted on the internet. The data can be easily transferred between them using different Magento 2 tools in order to ensure that they remain valid and perfect for improving the current level of online SEO practices.

The improved configurations in this excellent ecommerce platform also allow it to be used to ensure that page headers are set up according to the data present on them. This ensures that the page ranks well in search engines and can easily be controlled and altered in Magento 2 built websites.

Using CMS Functions

One of the best SEO practices include the management of the web content by updating it and ensuring that it remains relevant to the current industry practices and norms. This is possible by using the Content Management System (CMS) functions that are available with Magento 2 platform.

You can use built in facilities to set keywords and then obtain relevant data about them as they are presently working on the current web pages. There are also tools that allow for automatic ‘Meta Data’ generation using search engine probabilities and formulas. It is always best though to use the available CMS functions to set up these settings manually and ensuring that they are relevant to the message of the web page, and therefore improving SEO practices.

Using Snippets

The little snippets are an excellent way of improving the current SEO practices and ensuring that your website is highly ranked in the competitive world of internet. These snippets can be attached with images and other items of different product pages. These tools ensure that your website is prominently placed in search engines and you can surely increase your web traffic through an improved page rank.

Snippets can also be used to insert analysing tools in the web pages. These services are all available in Magento 2 and can significantly boost your SEO practices and improve the exposure of your website.

Improving Website SEO using Magento 2


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