26 September 2016


How to use Maegento 2 to create the best shopping websites

Magento 2 is a great ecommerce platform that allows the creation of wonderful online shopping websites. The web application development tool has many powerful extensions and libraries that allow for improving the leisurely designed websites and ensure that the online businesses are streamlined and contain all the necessary items required to make them successful.

Here, we share the best ways of using Magento 2 for creating the best online shops.

Best Tools

There are many tools that come for free when you install and use Magento 2 for creating a website. If you want access to full connectivity and repertoire of tools, then you should use the Enterprise version of the software. This fine ecommerce platform has the set of extensions that power you up into creating the most desired ecommerce solutions.

There are also many paid tools and services attached with Magento 2. Most of these services are quite cost effective and their benefits far outweigh their intended monthly expenses. These facilities available on this platform make it one of the best platforms for use especially when you want to prepare the best shopping store.

You need to start ideally by buying the paid version of the platform or using a company that sells Magento 2 based internet solutions according to your particular needs. There are many companies that can provide you custom solutions that are completely based on the tools available in this ecommerce platform.

Open Source Software

Magento 2 is open sourced and this allows you to insert your own code and different web modules. You can easily implement this ecommerce platform and link it to your local or cloud based database of your inventory. This open sourcing means that you can employ the different tools that are prepared by companies that use the same programming platform of PHP. You can take the advantage of multiple modules and still ensure good performance.

Superior Themes

There are so many beautiful Magento 2 themes out there that simply allow you to enjoy the benefits of the best available aesthetic beauty. These themes are especially great at creating shopping websites because visual beauty is an essential and important element for them.

The use of prepared themes means that you do not have to buy a complicated and expensive Magento 2 solution from a developer. You can buy a basic structure that is based on freely available themes and extensions and then ensure that you develop your website in a logical and incremental manner.

Set up Payment Methods

There are easy extensions that you can incorporate in the design of your website and ensure that it is able to accept payments from all kinds of facilities. It needs to ensure that all possible methods that are currently in use such as credit cards, smart cards, online accounts and PayPal are all accepted on your online store.

You need to install an extension which is able to offer you all of these services through a simple plug-in that becomes part of your Magento 2 website. This wonderful ecommerce platform completes the deal as it also allows you to interact with the customers and ensure that they are also included in your digital marketing plan.

How to use Maegento 2 to create the best shopping websites


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