19 September 2016


How to Manage High E-commerce Traffic with Magento 2

If you ever considered having an ecommerce website, then you must have heard about the Magento e-commerce. The Magento 2 is the updated software with better and enhanced features that can take your online business to the next level. Businesses without an online presence these days are not able to compete in the present market.

Magneto 2 provides the entrepreneurs a platform with the help of which they can offer their customers an exceptional e-commerce customer experience. With Magneto 2, you can get an everlasting scalability, affluent functionality, and implausibly performing website. Below are the ways Magneto 2 can assist you with handling high e-commerce traffic.

1. High Productivity

You can manage high traffic on the website with Magento 2 by boosting the productivity level. Magneto 2 does not require an IT support in order to streamline communications. The tools present in it can compete with continuously transforming online business world. It comes with incredible features such as visual merchandiser, multiple language and currency support, administrative system, customer account management, and reporting and analytic solution. These automatic features manage everything in the matter of seconds, without requiring a lot of time. They are efficiently developed for managing high traffic situation.

2. Operations

You can have a third party integration with Magento 2, which means you can make use of all the customising tools and modify what was already present with programs used in the past. What’s more, they offer expert assistance to individuals facing problems with deployment or issues with the third party platform. In situation of high traffic, the software has flexible deployment methods, easy upgrades, and customisation choices.

3. The 2-Layer System

Your customers do not have to make request to generate the pages, if you are using a 2-layer cache. The 2-layer system is best for websites with high e-commerce traffic and updated content. It adds a touch of sophistication to your website, and is not even costly or challenging to create. Although, you can still create a sophisticated system with narrow cache segments, it will create a very complex relationship.

When the cache, indexing process, and cache invalidation are improved, it will enhance the performance and scalability. You will also be able to easily customise and maintain the website with front-end framework. All this will improve the checkout, greater orders will be placed on hourly basis, and there will also be an increase in the page views. Since the performance is high, the server will make use of lesser resources, and as a result, Magento 2 will be able to manage greater traffic.

The experts at FDC Studio are there to help you out with the web designing, e-commerce, and digital marketing by using Magento 2 software. We can assist you in designing the website, which can handle greater traffic. This way you can increase the conversion rates, make your website responsive on all the platforms, offer smoother performance, and generate sales for your business.

How to Manage High E-commerce Traffic with Magento 2


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